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At Icreon, our consultants bring decades of experience working in shipping and logistics to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

Breaking Down Barriers

“28% of shipping and logistics companies are rated advanced on digitization, others risk obsolescence” - PwC

The shipping and logistics industry is facing economic uncertainty. Increasing demands of customers, upgrading physical infrastructure, data management, shortage of skilled workers, etc., are some of the common areas which put pressure on logistics providers. Unfortunately, many shipping and logistics companies are held back by outdated IT infrastructures, which impacts their ability to innovate and digitally transform.


Technologies such as IoT, data analytics, AI, and cloud computing that are now available are being utilized to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and improve market competitiveness. To continue to play a role in the changing landscape, shipping and logistic operators will need to integrate these technologies into their existing infrastructures and operations. At Icreon, we combine our decades of expertise with innovative thinking and technologies to offer tailored solutions for successful results. Whatever your digital goals are – greater innovation, cloud or business transformation, operational efficiency, a simplified supply chain, or faster product to market, we’re here to help.

Digital Transformation

Shipping & Logistics Industry Expertise

Shipping and Logistics industry expertise with cross-industry experience and insight.

Digital Strategy And Consulting Services

Icreon offers technology consulting services that help our clients improve their business operations through process management, workflow optimization, and data analytics. Our experts will assess your business requirements, analyze your current IT infrastructure, and recommend ways to improve performance of your shipping operations.

Website Migration and Modernization

Icreon offers end-to-end solutions that help our shipping and logistics customers to migrate from legacy systems to modern technology platforms without any disruption to their business processes. Our team of experts can help you upgrade your existing systems to make them more robust, scalable, and secure.

IT System Integration

We are experts in IT system integration for shipping and logistics companies. Icreon assists in integrating multiple systems into one unified platform that salespeople can easily access at all levels within an organization. It also allows customers to access their order status online instead of calling customer service representatives.

Logistics Operations Optimization

By combining the latest technologies, data analysis, ML, and IoT with our industry expertise, we enable clients to uncover inefficiencies in their supply chain and develop better inventory policies that align with their business goals. Improved insights can also lead to better agility, so that adjustments can be made in real time.

Asset Maintenance 

With expertise in data science, Icreon help companies with their asset maintenance needs. Asset maintenance could include monitoring data from sensors in machines, which tells us when they need maintenance, understanding risk factors like which parts are most likely to break down, or predicting when they will need service before they break down altogether.

Process Automation

Icreon provides automation technology and the integration of robotic process automation (RPA) tools to impact a company’s bottom line significantly. With automation software, we help logistic and supply chain organizations reduce costs, increase accuracy, accelerate processes, and improve the quality and scalability of production.

Trusted by industry leading brands

XPO Logistics
Creating Exponential Growth through Process Re-invention

XPO wanted to own the entire tech stack of the supply chain instead of relying on third-party platforms. Icreon and XPO did a deep dive analysis into what a product like that would look like, and what would be required to deliver on it. Together, Icreon & XPO devised a dynamic solution that provided end-to-end integrated platform to modularize their business and allow XPO to act as a logistics-as-a-service company. This platform would also act as a flexible business playbook – anytime they wanted to support a new customer, the platform would seamlessly fit in the business processes at hand.

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