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Unlock opportunities with streamlined operations and enhanced digital experiences. Our services include expert assessment, strategic blueprints, change management, and award-winning UI/UX design and development, empowering your organization for future success.

Navigating Uncertainties

Driving Growth for Professional Services Firms through Digital Transformation and CX

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, embracing digital transformation is the key when trying to stand out and keep rising with the evolving customer expectations. The path forward presents multiple challenges – lack of processes, people and capabilities. As a leading digital solutions agency, Icreon understands the challenges faced by the professional services industry and we work with them closely to develop and integrate a sound digital strategy. Our digital transformation services include a comprehensive assessment of your existing capabilities and identifying areas for improvement, as well as developing a customized strategy to implement new digital solutions and tools. We provide support throughout the entire process, including consulting and change management to ensure a smooth transition and adoption of new digital technologies.


In addition to that, we focus on Customer Experience as each interaction a customer has with a brand matters. And nothing can disrupt the customer journey more than a disjointed experience between a company’s website, digital assets, and employee communications. We apply a comprehensive approach to conduct your brand audit and look through the lens of the customer to determine what their pain points, challenges, needs, and motivations are. We utilize this collected data to create a personalized and seamless end-user journey infused with cutting-edge technology and efficient processes to build meaningful customer interactions and long-term customer retention.

Digital Solutions

Professional Services Expertise

With our custom digital product development & customer experience services, we automate workflow management, improve strategic decision-making, and engage employees with personalized learning experiences and more.

CX Strategy and Customer Research Services

Every interaction that a customer has with a brand matters, which is why personalization leverages a thorough understanding of the customer’s behavior results in an uptick in sales. Our experts track customer interactions across channels and develop targeted strategies. Additionally, our comprehensive research helps to determine what your customer’s touchpoints are and develop a deeper understanding of the customer’s perspective – including any frustrations or feelings of discord they may experience. Equipped with this data, we can make your customer’s experience more personal, memorable, or reflective of what your brand has to offer.

Customer Experience

In a competitive market where customer retention is paramount, the value of a great customer experience (CX) is critical. An effective CX strategy can help drive traffic, scale the business, and increase customer loyalty and retention. At Icreon, we apply behavioral science and user experience data to deliver seamless experiences across every digital touchpoint. Another crucial element of crafting an excellent CX strategy is ensuring our technology aligns with customers’ needs and expectations. We leverage technologies such as machine learning, AI, cloud-computing, and more to streamline and personalize the customer journey. By consistently implementing all of these steps, we’re confident you can reap the rewards of delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Digital Product Development 

Digital product development when executed professionally, it can ultimately support and drive business success. We apply a full range of design & development services to create impactful digital products that meet the expectations of your business and target audience in terms of convenience and usability. For this, we analyze the audience and user experience to develop a comprehensive, personalized solution that meets their unique needs.

Enterprise Web Development

By leveraging enterprise architecture, you can organize your IT infrastructure to align with your business goals and improve operations. At Icreon, our approach to enterprise web development focuses on creating websites that attract high value customers and ensures organizations remain competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape. By creating a digital experience that resonates with your target audience, platforms like this can help customers find new opportunities and accelerate digital transformation. Whether it’s a customized enterprise website or a product landing page, we infuse best-in-class UX UI elements to create future-ready websites that deliver exceptional user experiences.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is undergoing massive adoption across the professional services industry from streamlining workflows & operations to enhancing customer experience across the web. At Icreon, we understand the urgency of transformation and underlying challenges resisting growth such as lack of clear strategy, poor processes, inadequate infrastructure, and legacy systems in place. With our decades of experience in digital transformation, we help professional services firms to refresh their WHY’s, identify capability gaps, and create a blueprint to achieve their objectives & maximize their ROI. Our experts take a comprehensive approach from people & capabilities, process & capabilities, and technology to drive the true outcome of a digital transformation strategy.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, having a well-defined enterprise architecture strategy is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. A sound enterprise strategy creates expertise across all levels of an organization – from business to IT and infrastructure landscape. It also proactively identifies the potential for optimization when it comes to business models and processes. Additionally, with an enterprise strategy, we provide you with a detailed roadmap that includes a plan for further implementation and ongoing governance. Through digital business design and modern tools, executives can ensure their organization remains competitive by understanding how technology, processes, and employees are connected.

Change Management

Our change management team has a deep bench of experienced experts who proactively lead clients from start to finish, ensuring your delivered technology and solutions work in the real world. To deliver your business the best results, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your organization and tailor-made audit of the customer’s experience. This approach is effective if you are seeking the chance to create change across your organization immediately. Once the proposed strategy has been adapted, we support your company throughout the implementation phase, tracking jointly made goals to ensure your long-term success.

Trusted by Industry leading brands

Citrin Cooperman
Building Digital Resilience For A Renowned Professional Services Firm

Citrin Cooperman, one of the nation's largest professional service firms, provides advisory services to businesses and high-net worth individuals. They needed to overhaul their digital experience to reflect the sophistication of their firm's capabilities and better showcase the breadth & depth of their expertise.

Icreon developed digital solutions that enabled them to deliver best-in-class, customized experiences across their website. Leveraging the expertise of our consultants, designers, and developers, the website delivered to them truly reflected the essence of the brand while also delivering a seamless and dynamic digital experience.

Read the full case study here


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