Elevating UX for All: Our Commitment to Accessibility

Oct 31 2023

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A Strategic Alliance with Essential Accessibility for Enhanced Digital Access

Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of digital accessibility – not just as a moral imperative, but as a key aspect of excellent user experience (UX) for everyone. As WCAG 3.0 adoption progresses, it's vital to integrate accessibility from the start of design rather than treating it as an afterthought. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) introduces WCAG 3, an evolutionary leap in guidelines aimed at enhancing web accessibility. As a draft in progress, WCAG 3 promises a broader scope, a revamped structure, and a novel conformance model, aspiring to address more comprehensively the diverse needs of people with disabilities.

It seeks to simplify understanding, cater to a wider array of user needs, including cognitive disabilities, and adapt flexibly across various web content, apps, and technologies. Digital accessibility should not be an added feature but an organic design integration. Many companies are working to continue to bring their sites in line with the latest accessibility standards. This initiative represents a significant stride towards creating a more inclusive digital environment, inviting community feedback to refine and perfect its approach.

Integrating Accessibility at the Core

We understand that an overlay is not the answer, often complicating the user experience without fixing the root issues. We have proudly partnered with essential Accessibility (eA), a comprehensive digital accessibility-as-a-service platform. This collaboration leverages eA's robust blend of manual and automated evaluations, along with comprehensive audits. By combining their insights with our expertise in remediation, we aim to tackle accessibility barriers at their root, paving the way for truly accessible digital environments.

What Is It ?

The collaboration between our experts and essential Accessibility (eA) introduces a digital accessibility-as-a-service platform that integrates eA's manual and automated evaluations with comprehensive audits. This partnership focuses on addressing accessibility barriers from the ground up, ensuring digital environments are truly accessible. It combines expert analysis and remediation strategies to create inclusive digital experiences.

Who Is It For ?

This service is designed for companies, developers, and providers aiming to align their digital platforms with the latest accessibility standards, ensuring an inclusive experience for users with disabilities. It benefits all stakeholders in the digital space by prioritizing good UX that encompasses accessibility as a core aspect of design, rather than an afterthought.

Enhance Your Business with Expert-Led Digital Accessibility Solutions

This collaboration not only underscores the commitment to creating universally accessible digital platforms but also sets a new standard for integrating accessibility at the core of digital design and development.

For more helpful tips, advice, and best practices on how to improve your business digital accessibility, start a conversation with our Customer Experience Solutions experts.