A Global CPA Firm Rethinks and Redesigns their Brand Story and Visual Identity

Learn how a customer experience transformation and complete website overhaul helped one of the largest professional service firms drive new growth.


Enhancing digital customer experience

Citrin Cooperman provides advisory services to businesses and high-net worth individuals. They needed to overhaul their digital experience to reflect the sophistication of their firm's capabilities and better showcase the breadth and depth of their expertise. Their current digital customer experience was a poor representation of their brand identity, impeded effective customer service, and hindered new business growth.


The Challenge  

Creating a Seamless and Dynamic Digital Experience

Citrin Cooperman was looking to revamp their digital presence by offering a personalized experience across the web as their existing website was a poor representation of their brand identity. Citrin Cooperman had surpassed the limitations of their existing backend technology and required a more advanced solution to cater to the increasing demands of their customer base.


Citrin Cooperman was confronted with two major challenges: first, their website was crumbling when users accessed their services, and they had no time to reshape the architecture accordingly, and second, they wanted to strengthen their existing website to improve their brand identity to a greater level. Hence, a lift-and-shift approach was needed for content migration from legacy system to a modern DXP.


The website of Citrin Cooperman was being hosted on their on-premises infrastructure which caters to a huge number of users, migrating to Sitecore (PaaS deployment of Sitecore on Microsoft Azure) was an obvious choice due to issues like - the site crashed when a high number of simultaneous users accessed their service pages, and the infrastructure wasn’t aptly designed for scaling workloads. Citrin Cooperman felt it was crucial to incorporate a solution that helps strengthen their industry reputation.


Their overarching goal was to revamp their website to ensure a seamless and dynamic digital experience. The second goal was to create better efficiencies. From an ease-of-use standpoint, their existing CMS system was unable to develop improved functionality. Hence, optimizing the website's technology with suitable solutions was what they were looking for. Together with Icreon, Citron Cooperman created a customized website experience for their customers. The new website was clearly crafted and truly reflected the essence of the brand.


“In our very first pitch call, we understood that a partnership between Citrin Cooperman and Icreon in building our website was going to be a home run. We felt a sense of security that the end results would be what exactly we wanted.” - Laura Kucera, Chief Marketing Partner, Citrin Cooperman.

The Icreon
The Solution  

Conceptualizing a Consumer-Centric Website

Icreon provided them with the capability to create personalized experiences across their website. Icreon took an empathy-driven approach to truly listen to their problems in order to create a holistic solution. As their existing website wasn't presenting the brand identity accurately, Icreon worked with them to conceptualize the new website with a consumer-centric approach to address the problems.


As recommended by Icreon, Citrin Cooperman benefited the most from a platform-based solution like Sitecore. In addition to providing a personalized experience across the website, Icreon gave them the opportunity to enhance their brand reputation. Icreon also integrated Marketo API to streamline the process for marketing & lead generation.


Since implementing powerful and robust technology, Citrin Cooperman had started aligning their brand identity by powering personalized digital experiences for users. It also made sense because they needed a solution that the team could set and forget about if required.


“At the end of the day, what Icreon delivered was exactly what we envisioned. The final product was exactly what we wanted and more. They took a very holistic view of our company, and it showed in the deliverables.” - Laura Kucera, Chief Marketing Partner, Citrin Cooperman.


"Working with Icreon is Comfort and Innovation. We explained what the dream was, and the Icreon team gave us exactly what we explained and more.”

Laura Kucera
Partner, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, at Citrin Cooperman
Our Approach
The Results

Increased web traffic & customer engagement with enhanced website redesign

Icreon led the team of experts at Citrin Cooperman in developing a customized, personalized enterprise web experience that reflected the brand's image. The result was an attractive and user-friendly website offering an immersive experience while enabling them to showcase their services in detail. It has resulted in improved conversion rates and reduced bounce rates on their website. The new site also provides visitors with an enhanced user experience through intuitive navigation and layout across all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

“Working with Icreon is Comfort and Innovation. We explained what the dream was, and the Icreon team gave us exactly what we explained and more.” - Laura Kucera, Chief Marketing Partner, Citrin Cooperman

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