Industrial Manufacturing Expertise

Helping Manufacturers Accelerate their Industry 4.0 Journey to Achieve New Levels of Efficiency & Growth

Icreon partners with manufacturing companies to transform traditional B2B business models into B2B2C through advanced digital services.

Solving Manufacturing Challenges

Smart Manufacturing Leads to 25%-50% Faster Sales Cycles. – Salesforce

Companies that fail to adapt to digital transformation risk falling behind their competitors, losing market share, and even becoming obsolete. Customers expect fast, personalized service, and it is crucial for manufacturers to improve customer digital experiences to gain a competitive advantage.


According to Salesforce, smart manufacturing can help to speed up sales cycles by 25%-50%. Companies that embrace digital, software-driven manufacturing processes unlock greater speed and agility in factory and plant operations, which allows manufacturers to create higher quality products. Through our advanced digital capabilities & solution-driven approach, we can best meet customers’ distinct operational needs and can help them become more efficient, responsive, and nimble in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Digital Transformation

Industrial Manufacturing Expertise

Icreon helps you cut down dependencies on 3rd party solutions to streamline and re-evaluate digital landscape for your business operations. To date, we have worked with many global clients and categories in the manufacturing domain.

Digital Manufacturing

Transitioning from traditional to digital manufacturing solutions presents challenges such as resistance to change, integration, cost, and data management - but we're here to help you navigate through them. Our team is equipped with the latest smart factory tools, such as SAP, modular IoT solutions, and Smart Factory Cloud services to help businesses launch new products faster. From design and prototyping to production and supply chain management, our product engineering services ensure a seamless transition to digital manufacturing, increased productivity, and improved bottom line.

Data-driven Analytics

Data analytics are a critical part of digital manufacturing, enabling real-time insights, process improvements, and predictive maintenance. Icreon leverages the power of data analytics to improve the functions of manufacturing companies. Through the collection of real-time data, human error is reduced, allowing for faster decision making and process changes. With greater visibility into critical metrics, companies can adapt to customers’ changing preferences, optimize costs, monitor assets, and stay more easily aligned with their unique business goals.

Strategy & Consulting Services

The manufacturing industry is facing constant disruption driven by rapidly changing customer needs and technological advancements. Our IT strategy and consulting team works with manufacturing companies to co-create digital roadmaps, enabling businesses to digitally transform within a sector that’s ripe for growth. By leveraging our digital-first capabilities, we help manufacturers innovate supply chain operations and create new business models. Additionally, we play a role in prioritizing data-driven solutions and tailored customer experiences, so clients can build a more promising digital future.

Warehouse Management

A lack of real-time visibility into inventory levels, order status, and other key metrics can make it difficult to make informed decisions and respond quickly to changes in demand. The team at Icreon blends robust IT infrastructure with traditional warehousing models to obtain efficiency and swiftness in warehouse management. We help you centralize, automate, and empower the whole warehouse management system.

Digital Optimization & Enablement

Digital optimization is a key component for maintaining a competitive manufacturing supply. We utilize modern technology and automation to optimize warehouse processes and workflow. Through these cutting-edge technologies & digital optimizations, we’re able to help manufacturers improve speed and accuracy, as well as provide full visibility into the supply chain. With constant re-evaluation of the existing business landscape & enhancements, we make sure factories and supply chains run flawlessly while producing high-quality products at scale.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The biggest concern before choosing RPA is which process to automate. Another challenge is integrating RPA into existing systems and workflows. Icreon allows you to adopt robotic technology in an innovative way that will bring safety, efficiency, flexibility, and mobility to your manufacturing business operations. With RPA implementation, you can easily automate manual business operations such as inventory management, BOM (Bill of Materials), customer support, etc.

Industry Cloud Solutions

With a variety of options to choose from, it has become difficult for manufacturers to opt for the right cloud solution. As your digital transformation partner, Icreon enables you with modular industry cloud solutions. Our solution experts bring a wide range of experience working with manufacturing enterprises at every step of your cloud transformation journey.

Manufacturing Clients

Bullitt Group
Delivering Connected Enterprise Experience on Web Through IT Solution

Icreon worked closely with Bullitt to create an enterprise-scale IT solution that allowed Bullitt to handle several localized Cat phone websites from a single administration source which made maintenance and administration easier than ever. Additionally, this is easily integrated with third-party agencies to maintain order processing and fulfillment. Not only this, but to deliver a dynamic web experience, our solution offered an extensive content management capability. Overall, our digital manufacturing consulting and IT solution improved the integration and content capability management and provided an easily maintained digital experience.

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