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Icreon partners with Manufacturing businesses to transform traditional B2B business models into B2B2C through innovative digital solutions. In an ever-evolving digital world, companies with increasing dependencies on third party solutions that exist within the supply often need an ongoing re-evaluation of the digital landscape that runs their operations.

With 20+ years’ experience working across a wide variety of categories within the manufacturing industry, we understand that digital can be a major differentiator in increasingly crowded markets. Our typical engagement starts with a deep dive analysis into the innerworkings of the supply chain and operations – engulfing ourselves into the business to truly understand where the gaps and opportunities exist. From there, we build a digital roadmap that starts with quick-win major-impact items, and eventually works toward innovating on existing business models and products.


In the age of SaaS – it’s easy to begin replacing processes with off-the-shelf products that are directly aligned to the needs of said processes. The challenge that stems from that is the inability to be flexible across products, which increasingly grows dependencies that manifest into inefficiencies within internal operations teams.

More often than not, if businesses truly want to differentiate - we start building a roadmap of a customized end-to-end solution that brings the full supply chain in house. By owning the full supply chain, it allows manufacturers to create a solution that fits to their business model – not the other way around. Every business will have unique automation, collaborating, and database requirements – and Icreon helps discover, design and deliver on what’s best for the business.

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