AI-Powered Triumph: $4.58B Giant's Global Transformation

Discover how a $4.58B SaaS firm, aiding telecom giants, transformed with Icreon's help, fostering global collaboration, and rapid innovation for substantial growth.


Empowering communications & media companies with cutting-edge software services

Amdocs is a multinational corporation, catering software and services to communications & media companies. Today, the $4.58 billion dollar SaaS company with over 30,000 employees works primarily in the B2B space providing mobile, satellite, and infrastructure telecom consulting services for companies like AT&T, Dish Network, Verizon, Orange, and Symfonica.   


Due to the volume of incoming data, Amdocs' existing IT infrastructure could not support its data center needs. The company needed a solution that would allow them to scale up their infrastructure without investing a lot of money or time. With their end-to-end suite of solutions, they enable their customers to build, run, and succeed in a digital world by leveraging technology to transform their businesses.


Explore how Icreon modernized their outdated infrastructure and transformed Amdocs' employee training with intelligent, AI-driven tailored content on all devices, fostering global collaboration and boosting growth. 


The Challenge

Building an agile development mindset and strategy to create a path for growth

Amdocs’ existing IT infrastructure was unable to support its data center needs due to the volume of incoming data. They needed a solution that would enable them to scale up their infrastructure without having to make major investments in time or money. Their mission is to enable their customers to leverage technology to transform their businesses by providing them with an end-to-end suite of solutions that enable them to build, run and succeed in a digital world.  They also wished to maintain an agile environment that would allow them to rapidly deploy new applications with minimal effort.


Amdocs also decided to launch a new product called Amdocs Academy, a personalized suite of tools designed to help large clientele upskill their entire employee base. As this was a large-scale initiative, Amdocs was looking for a partner that could deliver an end-to-end services   - from the planning and architecture to system integration, implementation, training, and deployment.


In collaboration with Icreon's designers and developers, Icreon identified areas for Amdocs to improve efficiency and productivity. With Icreon, Amdocs had the ability to develop a product strategy that could guide the creation of the business and technical requirements for the software. The result of the project was an eLearning as a Service solution for Amdocs. With Icreon, learning content is automatically re-adjusted in real-time based on employee management.


The Solution

Building a personalization engine to strategically up-skill employees and develop an agile culture

Icreon and Amdocs have worked together to imagine the future of telecom support through digital products. They chalked out a vision in which the business would be able to rapidly hypothesize, implement, test new products and services with its customer base in lightning-quick time.


Using the agile mindset, Icreon built an Advanced Technologies marketplace that enabled Amdocs to provide a robust digital mentorship and guidance program on cutting-edge technology investments. This helped Amdocs to increase employee participation in training, step ahead of competition in the market, and grow their business.


Icreon's team of developers and UX designers worked together to identify areas where Amdocs could improve its efficiency and productivity. Amdocs chose Icreon for their ability to collaborate on outlining a product strategy that could guide the formation of the business and technical requirements of the software. An agile team worked closely with Amdocs management to define initial features and launch objectives with a very clear mission. The product would have the flexibility to upskill employees across several different specializations while providing customers with the ability to monitor employee progress.


The outcome was a solution that enables Amdocs to provide their customers with eLearning as a Service. Icreon leveraged machine learning models that evaluate employee management and automatically re-adjust their learning content in real-time. In addition,  Icreon used big data analysis to automatically score, evaluate and feed new content to employees so that they can learn new relevant skillsets to their job.


Our Approach
The Result

Amdocs elevates employee development through AI-driven, device-agnostic personalized content

Icreon helped Amdocs achieve its goals by enabling the company to transform its employee training and development programs by delivering personalized content across all devices in real time using AI. Icreon has also enabled Amdocs to increase employee engagement thanks to the ability for them to collaborate on projects across different time zones using a shared workspace tool that is integrated into the platform.


This helped Amdocs save time by eliminating the need for manual data entry or curating course materials by hand and allow for automated tracking of employee progress while providing relevant information to managers or HR departments

Client Testimonial

“We would like to share our appreciation on the amazing work the Icreon team did! The hard work and dedication, the fact that you are true business partners – it was real pleasure.” 


Tsvia Bader, Head of Product Innovation, Amdocs

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