Executing Multi-site Migration to Create a Unified Digital Experience

Learn how a modern governance company picked up the pace of expansion and growth while moving 12 brands to one platform without putting revenues at risk.


Diligent provides board executives with various software solutions to improve corporate governance.

Diligent, a SaaS company that enables organizations’ board members to collaborate and share information, was expanding through multiple acquisitions. The challenge was that the company's solution and product offerings were spread across different websites, each with their own unique branding, messaging and regional legal constraints. They needed a unified digital experience that told the story of their brand from one voice, explained the value of their solutions, and showcased how their different products worked together.


Learn how Diligent teamed up with Icreon to consolidate 70,000 pages of content spread across many websites into a streamlined digital experience with robust personalization to stay compliant with local laws across 80 countries.

The Challenge

Customizing the Diligent Experience Across 80 countries To Over 250 Different Brands

Diligent was challenged with moving different brands to a single platform to create a unified web presence that would address its target market requirements and maximize lead conversions. The new website infrastructure needed to comply with regional laws across 80 countries and tailor user experiences accordingly.


Dilligent was also facing content silos across the brands and departments, which is making communication inconsistent among sales and marketing teams. Operating on disconnected platforms created redundancy in marketing asset production and made reporting difficult.


Diligent's existing technology stack failed to deliver a single platform to address its target market requirements and maximize lead conversions. The company needed a solution that could support its corporate governance software, board portal, and voting tools for board directors and executives.

The Solution

Providing a single, cost-effective solution, Icreon simplified enterprise governance for Diligent.

Diligent’s strategy was to create a single website experience that would be localized and targeted for each region. This would allow them to maintain the brand identity while complying with local regulations and laws. It required a new website infrastructure that would comply with regional laws across 80 countries and tailor user experiences accordingly. To do this, they needed a content management system (CMS) to accommodate their requirements.


Diligent turned to Icreon to accelerate data migration and experience optimization efforts. The recommended solution was to use a framework that would allow for each brand’s unique design and functionality while providing consistency across all of them. This allowed the development team to build out the framework first, which could then be re-used for each new client.


Icreon used Sitecore to transform a jumbled content management environment into a unified website presence. Icreon seamlessly executed multi-site migrations to a new website that addressed Diligent’s target markets in terms of various requirements, including geography, user role, priority segments, and language. Icreon worked closely with the Diligent team to design an elegant user experience that would support each brand’s unique identity while maintaining consistency across all sites.

The Result

Created personalized digital experiences to stay in compliance with local laws and drive conversion

Diligent’s web presence is now unified under one platform, making it easier for users to find information and take action. The new site also delivers increased functionality, a streamlined customer experience, and lower bounce rate.


As a result of multisite migration, Diligent reduced its reliance on IT while improving operations and increasing content production and lead conversion rates. Icreon was able to help them migrate over and also create a localized experience for each country they serve. We also provided them with content management and orchestration services so that they could leverage our expertise when it comes to managing digital assets. The result was a personalized experience for each user based on their location and language preferences. The solution allowed Diligent to provide a more customized experience for its customers in different countries and languages.

Icreon Helps Diligent Improve Customer Experience