Sabon sees a 30% surge in global online sales

How Icreon empowers a leading beauty products manufacturer with a modern and scalable ecommerce platform, revolutionizing sales by streamlining experiences across the entire sales funnel.


Meeting Peak Time Demands & Performance for a Beauty and Bath Retailer

Sabon manufactures and retails vegan bath and body products with natural ingredients, focusing on restorative experiences for the body and mind. Its globally recognized line of products combines fragrances and natural elements found in nature, with over 130 stores operating worldwide.


The firm was struggling to handle the high volumes of traffic that retail seasonality brought and was losing out on sales and customers due to server outages and poor performance of the website on both the back end and front end respectively. Another major challenge was to increase overall website conversion rates where the brand needed a comprehensive understanding of customer journeys to look out for the grey areas.


Learn how Icreon partnered with Sabon to enable seamless customer experiences across multiple phases of its sales funnel.

The Challenge

Sales Loss During Peak Hours and No Metrics to Survive the Competition

Today's customers have high expectations, and if a website takes too long to load or crashes, they may turn to competitors who can provide a faster and more seamless experience. This was the scenario with Sabon. Due to server outages and poor performance of its website, especially during peak traffic time, it was losing out on online sales and customers.


The brand was missing out on its strategic imperatives to map out customer journeys better and identify areas for improvement to increase the overall conversion rates on the website. The website also lacked effective tracking and reporting metrics hindering visibility into the current state of business. Sabon was looking to overhaul its website with the objective of boosting online sales.


To handle the demand and high volumes of traffic that retail seasonality brings, Sabon sought a partner to handle the maintenance and improvements of its digital sales processes within an existing Magento platform. In addition, Sabon was looking to re-engineer its current web application to include modernized functionalities on both the back and front ends.


Specifically, it wanted a digital toolset that would streamline customer experiences across different phases of the sales funnel, from entering new product SKUs to efficient product return processes to automated content delivery and so on. On top of it all, the project required massive data migration from the existing server without any interruption to the services during the transition.

The Solution

Ecommerce Optimization for Enhanced Sales Performance

Working closely with Sabon NYC, Icreon identified system infrastructure as one of the primary reasons for the poor performance of its website. Icreon recommended Magento for the new storefront – as it is highly customizable and capable of easily handling large volumes of traffic. In addition, it introduces a comprehensive reporting engine to help Sabon’s marketing team to make better informed business decisions and deliver incremental improvements to the digital CX.


For the new storefront, Icreon first worked on defining customer experience strategy and created different customer personas to map their journey from prospect to becoming customers. The designing team at Icreon worked on generating wireframes to visually represent the customer journey and gain insights into the number of clicks and steps involved in the process. This analysis enabled us to identify unnecessary steps and streamline the buying experience. Additionally, we leveraged this data to determine the most optimal moments for delivering information during the buying process and to identify any potentially confusing steps for customers.


Later, during the process, data migration was performed after a comprehensive assessment of the current data environment, creating a migration plan, and performing a migration from the old server to a new server, with minimal data disruption risk to active business operations.


With Sabon orders being processed and shipped from a centralized warehouse, the website requires it to be closely integrated with its global warehouse management system. To achieve this, the Icreon team wrote custom APIs to exchange product, inventory and order information between the Magento website and the warehouse management system.


Additionally, the team developed and integrated several custom APIs and modules to create transparency amongst 3rd party data sources- all centralized in the Magento platform. Icreon helped the brand automate processes such as product returns, entering new product SKUs, and ad content management by integrating the system seamlessly with platforms such as UPS Returns Label and Dynamic Yield.

Our Approach
The Result

Gaining a Competitive Edge with a Modernized Website and Advanced Analytics Capabilities

With the successful delivery of a robust and scalable online retail experience, Icreon helped Sabon handle large volumes of traffic easily and increase overall conversion with an improved digital experience. The ecommerce solution delivered quick and impressive user experiences to gain customer loyalty, and sales increased by 30% on global level. The revamped Sabon website was power packed with an analytics and reporting engine that helped the client with detailed views of product performance and trends. Also, being closely integrated with the Sabon Global Warehouse Management System ensures all orders are received and processed centrally, avoiding missed/delayed orders.


Now, the customers have multiple payment methods, a value-added feature of repeating orders, a user location ID to locate the nearest stores, an automated return process – which helps build customer loyalty. In addition, customers now have the flexibility to pay using multiple payment methods like PayPal, debit/credit cards, accumulated loyalty points, or gift cards.


All-in-all, Sabon was able to gain customer loyalty, increasing sales and profit margins while handling massive traffics with a seamless and automated approach.

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