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About Shell - Deli2Go

Shell is one of the largest energy and petrochemical companies in the world. Shell operates in over 100 countries and has more than 40000 service stations spread across the globe.

The Challenge

Shell service stations across UK have a 24x7 café – Deli2go. Huge costs, resulting in a loss of revenue, were being incurred due to food wastage at these cafés. With no tracking system in place, reducing wastage was proving to be an up-hill task. Shell was looking to build a system that would track food production and wastage. They chose Icreon to build a solution for them.

The Solution & Execution

Icreon developed a web application that provides cafés managers with tools to track and analyse food wastage. With overproduction being one of the main reasons for food wastage, the application addresses this problem by generating daily bake-plans detailing ideal quantities to be produced for each food item on the menu. In generating the bake plans, the system takes into account historical sales data, past wastage data and other seasonal factors.

Food wastage can be recorded against plans allowing the system to make adjustments to next day’s bake plan based on previous days’ wastage. The application connects with the POS system (IBM Micros) to get end-of-day sales data and figures.This data is analysed to forecast trends.