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Powerful, engaging experiences through digital strategy and innovation

We partner with Non-profits to focus on two major differentiators – empowering a single view of constituents through personalized experiences and increasing efficiency within operations to extend donor efficacy.

Maximizing Impact for Nonprofits

“Digitally mature non-profits are 1.9 times more likely to have improved their organizational efficiency or mission impact when compared to their peers. “- Salesforce

Being digitally empowered allows nonprofits to enhance their fundraising efforts, reach new donors and volunteers, and improve their communication with stakeholders. In fact, a study by Salesforce shows digitally mature non-profit organizations outperform their counterparts and are 1.9x more likely to have experienced improvements in organizational efficiency or mission impact.


Combat the challenges of funding, resource management, stakeholder engagement, and scalability to withstand competition with our digital transformation services. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we enable non-profits to streamline their operations, optimize their resource utilization, maximize reach, and scale their impact more effectively and efficiently.


Being digitally empowered allows nonprofits to enhance their fundraising efforts, reach new donors and volunteers, and improve their communication with stakeholders. Our cloud experts employ best-in-class data analytics and automation to gain insights into their operations, identify opportunities for optimization, and make informed decisions about resource allocation. Moreover, we can help non-profits become more agile, resilient, and impactful in achieving their mission to overcome geographic barriers and reach beneficiaries in remote or underserved areas.

Strategy Consulting and Technology Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Expertise

Nonprofit industry expertise to drive your mission forward

Digital Transformation Services

Increased reach and enhanced donor engagement are the keys to nonprofits success. And most of the organizations often struggle to keep these two in place. With our extensive work in the nonprofit domain, we know how best to utilize technology to maximize outreach while minimizing costs. Through deep dive analysis and stakeholder interviews, we embed ourselves in your business model, truly understanding its various functions and putting forth a digital roadmap that best suits your organization for now and the future.

Customer Success

Focusing on customer success is imperative to improve donor and volunteer engagement, increase donations, and achieve better outcomes. We understand this significance as it is the new measure of business success in the nonprofit industry. We build cutting-edge & outcome-driven experience for your customers while driving massive reach, sales, and engagement. Over the years, we have enabled nonprofits organizations to utilize the benefits of customer success services that provide invaluable business intelligence.

Managed IT Services

For nonprofits, some operational activities like network and system monitoring, data backup, cybersecurity, technology planning, and consulting become difficult. The effective use of IT can improve an organization's efficiency and enhance industry competitiveness. Icreon’s technology experts have experience working with other nonprofits and understand unique challenges these organizations face. Get assistance in managed IT services and support, including cloud migration, IT assessments, network management, cybersecurity, tech stack selection, and IT strategy.

Digital Strategy and Consulting

Struggling with technology assessment and digital strategy to drive the best results for your non-profit? Icreon's digital consultants will deep dive into your existing business model, understand pain points with an open-ended discussion and then guide with a clear actionable plan to overcome those challenges. Our teams employ the best data analytics and tools to collect and analyze data so that non-profits can better understand their supporters and impact, which in turn, helps them make informed decisions and improve their programs.

Cloud Services

While going digital some factors are crucial like data security, scalability, disaster recovery, etc. You can address all these needs to foolproof your digital journey with cutting-edge cloud solutions. Icreon's cloud services include a suite of cloud data and infrastructure services. Discover an extraordinary acceleration when you choose our solutions that are designed to manage hybrid multi-cloud complexity and modernize the processes and operations. Whether you're looking to fix an issue or develop a cloud strategy, our expert team can help you to get to the next level.

Nonprofit Clients

Construction Skills Certification Scheme
Enabling Next-Gen Technology to Reduce Application Processing Time

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is UK's leading construction skills certification program. CSCS provides proof that the individuals working on job sites have the essential qualifications according to the type of work. CSCS keeps a complete database of individuals working in the construction field to track who has accomplished or is going to achieve a recognized construction-related qualification. Over the last two decades, having delivered application documentation via traditional methods of paper and mail, they wanted to modernize the entire business operations. Icreon worked with CSCS to redefine their business digitally and bring efficient workflows to make the entire experience smoother and more efficient.

Read the full case study here


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