Icreon Is Recognized as One of the Most Reviewed Cloud Consulting Companies in New York City

Apr 07 2022

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Most Reviewed Cloud Consulting Companies in New York City

April 07, 2022, New York, NY: Manifest, one of the esteemed technology and business publications has officially released the list of 2022’s Most Recommended Cloud Consulting Companies in New York City. Icreon, the award-winning cloud service provider is on the list for the Most Recommended and Reviewed Company Award which includes other respected names in the cloud consulting marquee.

For its inaugural recognition, The Manifest has awarded the Top 15 Most Recommended and Reviewed Cloud Engineering Providers, who have earned the highest number of new reviews in the previous year.

Continuing with its focus on practical business wisdom for innovators, and small and mid-market businesses, Manifest's 2022 Most Recommended Companies of the Year list covers high-value segments such as Web development, Cloud consulting, Cloud Engineering, and much more. As expected, Icreon makes the proud list again (in the Cloud Consulting Segment), earning brownie points for its rapidly expanding global presence, uniquely diversified portfolio, strong knowledge base, and tech-driven delivery infrastructure.

At Icreon, the client always comes first. The Icreon team always goes the extra mile to make sure the client has the most seamless experience working with the team. With a consistent effort to deliver impeccable results to the client's need and want Icreon has served hundreds of global clients. It is because of their success that Icreon earned this award from The Manifest.

Based in Washington DC, The Manifest is a business news publication platform that is popularly known for its quality of B2B insights and news. The site strives to connect every browser with top-tier technology, consultancy, and agencies to facilitate success for every business. This recognition means that among all the cloud engineering firms around the globe, Icreon is one of those that earned the most reviews and recommendations for Cloud Engineering services throughout 2022.

They then use the unique verification process that ensures that everything they post comes from legitimate sources. This Clutch award is an important achievement in our team’s history, as evidenced by the statement our CEO made about the news –

We are thrilled and honored to be named Manifest's 2022 list of Most Recommended Cloud Consulting firms. And we are excited to continue empowering clients to achieve more in every step of their cloud journeys.
Himanshu Sareen, Icreon's CEO

With a client-retention rate of 97%, Icreon always does it as only a true disruptor can, i.e., investing heavily in bringing the best that cloud technology has to offer, we equip the clients with industry-leading efficiency. And it has led us to a globally diversified client base.

This award is another successful milestone in the ever-growing journey of Icreon to establish itself as a leading Cloud Solutions specialist in the industry. We will continue to set our eyes on the newer peaks to climb and the next milestone to reach.

About Icreon

Icreon is one of the digital innovation and cloud consulting agencies with a mission to help challenger brands explore innovation. We harness the power of modern technology to improve our partners’ overall effectiveness and efficiency in the modern business space.

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