Strengthen Your Digital Game with Sitecore 10.2

Jan 19 2024

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The All-New Sitecore 10 Features to Stay Ahead of the Curve 

Since 2017, Icreon has worked with Sitecore as a multi-award-winning platinum partner. Over time, Sitecore has expanded its versatility across various industries. Sitecore is famous for empowering brands to take charge of their digital experiences while providing solutions to business challenges.

Now, Sitecore 10.2, the all-in-one digital experience platform has deployed another round of features. The latest changes are focused on the experience development side of the Sitecore platform enabling a quicker and robust implementation for marketers. For instance, with the fully supportive Sitecore Containers, now projects can be completed more cost-effectively and seamlessly using the Docker and Kubernetes technology. Also, a host of new improvements has allowed content teams to instantly evolve experiences with a better flow in the existing marketing and content tools.

Read this blog to know the latest and most exciting features of Sitecore 10.2.

Latest Sitecore 10.2 Features to Untangle Every Business Challenge

In the new release of Sitecore 10.2, there is a range of innovations that help create efficiency for the IT and marketing teams. These enhancements such as usability, improved performance, and accelerated time to market, enable teams to create and launch unique experiences. Let's understand what these latest feature offer more:

1. Better Performance and Monitoring

Apart from the prior improvement to Developer Experience, there are several recent changes made to assist engineering teams with performance. With these changes and features, teams can address TOC (total cost of ownership) by lessening the expensive infrastructure needed for the same tasks while solving the debug and isolating issues speedily.

2. Accelerated Content Delivery Response Time

The new session optimization has lessened the overall response time up to 15%. This aspect highly contributes to the user experience of the site and lack of this can result in having an increased bounce rate which usually leads to an unsatisfactory user experience.

3. Application Map for xConnect Service

This is one of the highly requested features from operation teams, especially those with their Azure infrastructure. Now teams can see and pinpoint the xConnect stack on the application map. This also enables teams to begin tracing requests. With this latest update, you can track, diagnose, or trace XP service requests on the Microsoft Azure application map. Sitecore also introduced a purging tool in the xConnect service stack so you can discard unused data and perform cleanup with it to have more space in the database.

4. Enhanced Experience Optimization

The latest Sitecore 10.2’s update offers several performance optimizations included in the current personalization list, such as caching, back-end optimizations, and infinite scrolling. All of these enable businesses to load 10K experiences without any anticipated degradation.

Sitecore 10.2 Advanced Features to Improve Content Automation

One of the substantial changes that Sitecore 10.2 has introduced is - the brand-new content serialization tooling for the developers. This has made the scripting of content changes much easier while also moving them in several environments as part of the deployment process. To fully utilize this new update, there are two tools to help -

Sitecore CLI

This is a command line interface to engage with your Sitecore instance. It enables the tech team with powerful automation skills and the potency to work at the command line seamlessly with their Sitecore instance. Sitecore CLI brings headless serialization combining the best of TDS and Unicorn, making it easier to script any changes in content and move them as a part of the deployment process. Sitecore has added an estimating tool in its DevEx CLI plugin that allows you to filter parameters so you can get an actual number of interactions and contacts to know the size of purge.  

Sitecore for Visual Studio

Known as a graphical tool, Sitecore for Visual Studio helps in partnering with the Sitecore instance from within Visual Studio. It has exact functionalities like CLI but makes it more feasible for users who are unaware of command line tools. With a remote rendering host, developers can create with Visual Studio into the rendering host and test changes without having to re-purpose Sitecore. Now you can make instant changes to the presentation layer, move those modifications, and debug in a lesser period.

Reporting and Experience Optimization

Sitecore now offers an Experience Optimization feature in its latest update that you can use to visualize the impact of personalization considering the business conversions through individual goals. Moreover, you can now extract the data reports from the Experience Analytics tool in the CSV file format for convenient analysis. Apart from these, Sitecore has also improved its Experience Analytics tools. You can now add the segment column, so you can segmentize and sort out the reports through headers and by adjusting filters. 

The other updates include:

  • Horizon editing interface delivering rich in-context insights across multilingual and multi-site experiences.
  • Searching content items in Horizon through content explorer instead of content tree and applying filters for better search.
  • Video component in SXA so you can add closed captions in YT videos.
  • Access to bootstrap 5 grid.
  • Improved data capabilities that are coupled with the capacity to extend targeting with auto-personalization.

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Should You Update to Sitecore 10.2?

Over the years, Sitecore has constantly evolved to become an indispensable customer experience platform. Your business is demanding more and more every day because customers are expecting more. If you are still working with redundant marketing technology, you won't be able to support today's customers.

Sitecore 10.2 provides you with a holistic and robust 360-degree perspective of the customers to create the unique and real-time digital experience that every consumer is seeking. This isn't about deciding to upgrade; it is a decision of how-to best upgrade to deliver an impeccable customer experience that feels relevant both internally and externally.

If you’re still not able to decide whether Sitecore 10.2 is worth your time or not, feel free to reach us. Icreon is known for providing tailored business solutions fitting the exact needs of your business. Explore Icreon’s Sitecore Partner Services.