Sitecore March 2024 Feature Roundup: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 17 2024
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    Ketan Sethi, Engagement Manager

    Ketan is a distinguished Martech and Sitecore thought leader. His expertise is not just acknowledged; it's celebrated. Sitecore has bestowed upon him the esteemed title of Sitecore MVP, solidifying his status as a true pioneer in the realms of marketing technology and Sitecore innovation. He holds over a decade of experience helping organizations across many industries drive growth through digital experiences.

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Introducing the latest Sitecore updates! From centralized dashboards to personalized form experiences, Sitecore's March 2024 Feature Roundup has it all. As a trusted Sitecore partner, Icreon is committed to helping you unlock the full potential of your digital strategy. Dive into this quick guide to learn how these innovative features can enhance your digital experiences and drive success.

Feature Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with our detailed breakdown of the latest Sitecore feature updates.

Centralized dashboards with XM Cloud Analytics

The new XM Cloud Analytics tool offers real-time insights for website and form performance, allowing you to track trends over any chosen period. Its user-friendly dashboards include site analytics for deep dives into website traffic metrics and form analytics to monitor engagement patterns, offering opportunities for content enhancement and increased interaction rates.

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Introducing Sitecore Common Audit Log

To tackle composability related challenges, Sitecore launched the Sitecore Common Audit Log, a groundbreaking service that meticulously records the actions taken by team members within Sitecore CDP, Sitecore Connect, and Sitecore Personalize platforms.

These audit logs are invaluable for comprehending activities across applications in the ecosystem. With the inclusion of the Webhook REST API, users can effortlessly transmit all audit logs to a designated endpoint, such as a security information and event management system, facilitating in-depth log analysis and insights.

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New methods for assigning guests to Sitecore Personalize experiments

Sitecore Personalize now offers the Unique and Universal assignment methods for classic A/B/n experiments, enhancing flexibility and control over guest assignments to improve experiment effectiveness.

  • The Unique method swiftly assigns guests to variants, ensuring random allocation even when multiple tests are ongoing simultaneously.
  • In contrast, the Universal method provides precise control, especially beneficial for parallel tests or creating exclusivity between experiments. With Universal, experiment traffic is distributed across numbered buckets, ensuring consistent assignments for guests across experiments using this method.

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New time of day condition in Personalize and XM Cloud

The time-of-day condition can now be applied to any experiment or experience in Personalize or page variants in XM Cloud. This new feature allows users to schedule personalization by specifying a particular time of day and indicating whether the scheduled personalization runs before or after that time, based on the organization’s time zone.

This feature offers a unique opportunity for restaurant as an example. Promoting breakfast items in the morning, lunch specials around midday, and dinner options in the evening, can ensure that visitors are presented with the most relevant and appealing offers based on the time of their visit.

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Customize your XM Cloud Forms with conditional logic

The conditional logic feature introduced in XM Cloud Forms revolutionizes form creation by enabling users to develop dynamic forms. These forms adjust their field display based on specified rules and values entered in input fields. This advanced functionality allows a more personalized and interactive user experience. By presenting only the relevant fields, the forms streamline the process increasing the probability of successful form completions.

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Sitecore's March 2024 feature roundup represents a significant advancement in digital experience management, offering businesses powerful tools to optimize performance, personalize interactions, and drive meaningful results. Connect with our Sitecore experts to explore how you can leverage these new features to improve your digital transformation journey.

Stay tuned for even more exciting updates coming soon!