Travel and Hospitality Industry

Every guest experience is a story waiting to unfold

And much like a storybook, we take your guests on an unforgettable journey through your brand by weaving together strategy, design, and expert engineering across all your digital touch points.

Crafting Unforgettable Guest Experiences

Weaving strategy, design, and expert engineering into your brand's digital journey

From changing consumer expectations to the need for seamless digital touchpoints, we help our clients tackle key challenges across the travel and hospitality industry. Just like the pages of a storybook, we map out a comprehensive digital strategy to ensure your brand's story is told in the most compelling and captivating way possible. Our team of experts leverages cutting-edge technology and creative design to create immersive digital experiences that engage and delight your guests at every touchpoint, from booking to check-in to post-stay feedback.


Through strategic planning, technology implementation, digital product development, and change management, we empower your brand to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and deliver exceptional guest experiences. Our goal is to help you create a seamless and memorable digital journey for your guests, building long-lasting relationships that drive loyalty.

Travel And Hospitality Digital Services

Deliver Industry-leading Guest Experiences

Modernize your business operations and prepare with the right strategies to enable seamless connectivity and immersive customer experiences.

Digital Strategy and Transformation

The need for personalization and omni-channel experiences is growing in the travel and hospitality domain. However, companies in this domain are struggling to deliver personalization at scale and get the best possible return on their technology investment. At Icreon, we start auditing your technology, data, and architecture to understand how to take your digital experience to the next level. Our experienced consultants and engineering teams help you find the right tools and processes to achieve your digital transformation objectives.

Digital Guest Experiences

For travel and hospitality, guests are the core of profits and success. If you fail to make them happy, your business will scatter in no time. Analyzing and implementing the best DX for modern consumers is the best approach. We are a global CX development, design, and digital experience agency focused on increasing engagement, improving conversion, and delighting your guests. We apply AI analytics to learn from behavioral science and customer experience data to take your guest experience to the next level.

Analytics and Data Management

Data analytics help to improve business operational as well as marketing effectiveness. But not many industry leaders are able to get it right due to lack of knowledge or experience. When running an online business portal, data management is imperative for understanding the market and creating strategies to strengthen customer experiences. Icreon helps eradicate business risks and capitalize on opportunities with Business Intelligence, Modern Analytics, and Data Modeling.

Cloud Services

Just like other industries, the travel and hospitality industry also deal with a lot of sensitive assets that need to be stored and maintained on clouds for adequate distribution and security. Icreon offers top-tier cloud engineering services and insights that promise a business transformation that matters for the travel & hospitality industry. We bring in the blended strength of cloud readiness, architecture and planning, strategy, and operating model transformation that flexes to meet your changing needs.

Membership And Loyalty Programs

Increasing competition and evolving customer preferences are making it hard to ensure program relevance and value, balancing rewards and costs, and addressing data privacy and security concerns. Strengthen your travel and hospitality business with exceptional customer loyalty programs with proven strategies. Icreon helps you design custom loyalty program designs, optimization, win-back campaigns, and more. Leverage our customer experience strategy and design practices to maximize market returns.

Travel eCommerce Portal

Unlike traditional travel and hospitality setup, digital commerce has revolutionized the travel and hospitality industry tremendously. Everything is managed in a different way. Create your travel eCommerce portal to shorten the path between your services and customers. Icreon helps you design and develop fully integrated omnichannel digital platforms to strengthen customer relationships. Our end-to-end eCommerce services help you create a digital infrastructure designed to scale.

Travel System Modernization

To combat the unfettered market competition, industries need to modernize the travel and hospitality systems with powerful and future-proof technologies like AI, ML, IoT, RPA, and more. Icreon helps you implement solutions based on such cutting-edge technologies that genuinely improve guest experience throughout their journey and stay. Our team leverages advanced technologies to modernize your legacy tech to make your business future ready.

Back-office Automation

Cut down on the manual work like filling up forms, fetching information, booking, keeping records of customers etc. With robotic process automation. It doesn’t only save you time to be more productive but also increases business efficiency. Dealing with travel and hospitality platforms can sometimes become a tedious task – if no adequate software exists. The expert team at Icreon offers you services to develop automated travel systems. With our RPA solutions for back-office automation, you can sit back and focus on other business essentials.

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European Waterways
Digital Strategy for European Waterways

European Waterways is the largest luxury barging company that operates a fleet of hotel barges that cruise rivers and canals across Europe. Go Barging, a subsidiary of European Waterways, was finding inventory and barge itineraries tracking quite difficult as the data was being maintained manually. Go Barging approached Icreon with the aim of developing a system that would streamline their processes and increase efficiency. We built a web-based back-office system that offered Go Barging the necessary set of tools to streamline operations and functioning of their business.

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