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Jun 01 2023
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    Ketan Sethi, Engagement Manager

    Ketan is a distinguished Martech and Sitecore thought leader. His expertise is not just acknowledged; it's celebrated. Sitecore has bestowed upon him the esteemed title of Sitecore MVP, solidifying his status as a true pioneer in the realms of marketing technology and Sitecore innovation. He holds over a decade of experience helping organizations across many industries drive growth through digital experiences.

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Adopt Sitecore’s Personalization Smartly to Win Your Customers

We have entered the age of evolved consumer expectation. In this data-driven world, consumers expect nothing less than an immersive and personalized experience that is uniquely tailored for their specific needs. There are a handful of brands winning in this respect -delivering unmatched customer experience with the help of dynamic personalization. The success of these brands has created an expectation gap that has led other brands to make strategic bets on personalization for their organization. And their reason is simple - personalization powers customer-centricity, resulting in greater customer understanding, loyalty and retention.

A cross-industry executive survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services found that modern customers expect brands to anticipate their needs; this indicates a strong emphasis on personalization for any organization's strategy, which is already a significant driver for better profitability.

In fact, Statista says that 90% of US customers prefer personalized content over non personalized content. This illustrates the importance to get started on personalization - matching storytelling to customer need and expectation, at scale. Sitecore’s Composable DXP can help in achieving that with its robust Personalization and Experience Creation features. With this, you can now give your customers the content and digital experience they are looking for - tailored to their profiles and behaviors.

This infographic explores more about Sitecore's Personalization to help brands in powering up their efforts:

Personalization is the Best Approach to Drive Better Brand Advocacy

57% of the customers are willing to exchange data to receive personalized experience. In fact, some customers seek only the brands that provide a personalized service. Personalization is an extremely powerful tool to be limited to only marketing. There are plenty of opportunities available in areas like advertising, customer service, employee interactions, and both online and in-person customer experience.

Truth be told - today’s customers expect personalization to be there in the channels they interact with. Many brands have established a gold standard by following so. This means providing customers with the right content anywhere and everywhere. The business benefits gained from Sitecore Personalization are revenue growth and brand lift, all while achieving operational efficiency.

While the majority of marketing teams adopting new technology could use core platforms like CRM and ERP stacks, but that could only go so far in delivering dynamic web experience - let alone allowing marketers to deliver a truly personalized experience. Moreover, enterprises need a better way in a crisis to protect the topline revenue by broadening the sales of existing products to the current consumers. Otherwise, it becomes tough as brands struggle to create compelling experiences to move beyond the noise.

Many brands have experienced a 34% increase in their marketing productivity, such as their evaluation and approval processes have been simplified, collaboration has become easier with better visibility. Not only this, choosing Sitecore has also saved them 1,000s of hours of time by reducing the complexity of workflow steps and streamlining the content creation for digital presence. Brands that wish to remain competitive in this new age of personalization have several opportunities to broaden their capabilities in this area, and by doing so they eventually improve the customer experience.

Cut through the Noise by Delivering A Better Experience

An omnichannel approach will help you in creating a better customer experience while nurturing a positive reputation for the brand. At its best, this approach is great for replicating the human-to-human interaction.

Here are the key factors that will perfect your personalization at scale

Have A Single Source of Truth

Your customers want you to recognize them irrespective of the medium of their last interaction with the brand. They expect you to offer them your products or services based on the last interaction or their earlier specified needs. Ignoring their previous interaction or preferences can cause frustrations, leaving them no incentive to stick with your brand and therefore they may switch to another brand.

To prevent this, ensure to have a single source of truth.

Make sure all the channels feed into it, so no interaction is missed. Get your customer's “digital body language,” put it all in one repository, and make it accessible for each channel.

Streamline Your Content

Engaging experience needs fresh content and for that streamlining the entire content process is crucial. This strategy is the key driver for every brand's entire marketing, and the backbone for sustained success.

To follow this, ensure content is always ready when and where it’s required.

You can simplify this task by developing modular content that can be altered to fit any persona and needs of each channel. To further improve your efforts, utilize customer data and ad performance statistics to make better decisions when it comes to personalization.

Integrate Your Channels

Having a seamless “purchase to loyalty” journey for customers means connecting all channels - so that the data flows steadily between them. You achieve this manually, but this would be time taking and even impossible at some point. Hence it is best to have automation to have the data exchange easily and consistently between the ManTech stack. This provides a holistic view of customer behavior for your brand.

Sitecore has a channel tracking feature to enable you to track all the channels that your customers use to interact with the brand. Start utilizing it to receive a better understanding and new insights that can be the gamechanger for your next marketing efforts.

Beyond following these, it is crucial to have the right tools for having a better personalized experience. A dynamic digital experience platform can help you in achieving that, across all the channels they interact with. As enterprises invest more into modernizing their personalization efforts, having an integrated partner built for future is critical for success. During the next disruption, it might be the difference that makes sure you deliver the right message to the right person.

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