Exciting Times at Sitecore DX Minneapolis!

Oct 09 2023

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Sitecore DX Minneapolis 2023 Rundown with Icreon

The Sitecore DX Minneapolis conference united about a thousand web developers, CX strategists, and marketing leaders to share knowledge, insights, and Sitecore product updates. Sitecore CEO, had some very exciting product news to share with the announcement of XM Cloud Plus. Icreon presented a blueprint explaining how businesses can plan for the shift to a composable cloud architecture and how it will impact marketing operations. Sitecore talked about their new industry accelerator programs. We’ll cover the accelerator programs designed for professional services and manufactures in this blog.

Here are some of the highlights from the event:

New Product Updates - XM Cloud Plus

Sitecore unveiled XM Cloud Plus, a cloud successor for the Sitecore DXP product line. XM Cloud Plus offers a bundle of Sitecore solutions incorporating SaaS CMS, XM Cloud, plus AI-powered personalization and search, omnichannel reach, advanced analytics, and it boasts over 1000 prebuilt connectors. The key take-away – Since its cloud-based, new features and functionalities are now rolled out automatically, eliminating resource-heavy upgrades. Plus, the overall offering is robust enough to replace and surpass their Platform DXP products.

Composable Blueprint – A Roadmap to the Future

Icreon presented a Composable Blueprint that serves as a valuable resource for event attendees interested in strategies and practices for achieving a composable future. This blueprint outlines the benefits of composability for various business units and explains how each business unit can plan, prepare and build in a composable environment. Download a copy of the blueprint.
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XM Cloud Accelerator for Manufacturing

The Sitecore Manufacturing Accelerator by Icreon is designed specifically to accelerate manufacturing journey, offering a suite of features that includes BOMs, ERP integration, Digital Twins, Virtual Showrooms, Augmented Reality Support, and advanced search capabilities. This program focuses on enhancing order management, CRM, and supply chain visibility, ultimately leading to a transformation in the sales process and delivering an outstanding customer experience.
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XM Cloud Accelerator for Professional Services

The XM Cloud Professional Services Accelerator by Icreon is tailored to transform professional services businesses. This accelerator program encompasses various features such as personalized portals, lead capture, efficient search, ChatGPT integration, and analytics. By harnessing the capabilities of Sitecore XM Cloud, it empowers businesses to amplify their scalability, lead generation, and content creation, thereby significantly enhancing their digital marketing initiatives.
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Many thanks to Sitecore and hundreds of people who stopped by the Icreon booth to share their forthcoming customer experience, Sitecore projects and digital transformation initiatives. We’re excited about the next Sitecore Symposium that will return in full force in Nashville from October 14-17. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you there and continue our journey towards unlocking the full potential of digital experiences.

About Icreon:

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in New York City, Icreon is a leading digital experience agency providing organizations with digital strategy consulting, design, and engineering services at scale. Fortune 500 companies to associations partner with Icreon to usher in a new age of digital maturity.

Icreon has been a Sitecore Platinum Partner since 2021 and offers Sitecore strategy, design and development services across Sitecore’s product portfolio, including Sitecore Experience Platforms, Sitecore Experience Commerce and Sitecore Content Hub.