From B2B to D2C: 25% Boost in Daily Orders

Learn how Ultrafabrics created B2B demand through consumer desire and maximize their sales in the process.


Luxury Fabric Maker Boosts Sales

Ultrafabrics makes luxury fabrics that are used in cars, aircraft, and designer goods. For years, they relied on multiple legacy technologies and an intranet to stitch together a digital experience to engage new clients. At the time, their digital experience didn't clearly differentiate them in a crowded market and was creating challenges in delivering a unified customer experience. The company turned to Icreon, who offered a clear action plan to boost website performance and engagement.


Legacy Technologies Limit Conversions for Ultrafabrics’s Website

As a leading fabrics manufacturer in the US specializing in high-end luxury fabrics, Ultrafabrics attracts numerous visitors to their online website daily. As a B2B manufacturer, their website is essential in distinguishing them from low-end fabric providers while functioning as a top-of-the-funnel business development tool. It supports their ability to identify new prospects and build trust through a robust ordering mechanism that allows future customers to sample their wide range of premium fabrics before making large purchase orders.


However, one of biggest challenges was how to showcase their extensive fabric collection and helping end-users, partners and distributors to visualize the fabric in different conditions.  Their old website, built on Drupal CMS, was posing challenges, such as slow page speed, subpar UI-UX elements, stability, and infrastructure issues. Additional concerns included insufficient server space to accommodate heavy traffic, a lack of a straightforward way for customers to get product samples, and a digital experience that did not accurately represent their luxurious products.


Over the years, Ultrafabrics relied on multiple legacy systems, a content management system, and an intranet for order taking whenever an order was placed online. This was because both the intranet and internet were integrated for the website's operations. Consequently, one of the primary goals was to eliminate this dependency to ensure better efficiency by setting up a unified system that attracts new prospects, boosts engagement, and highlights their position as a luxury fabric provider.


The site urgently required significant adjustments on both their front and back end to better reflect their high-end fabric offerings. Additionally, there was a crucial need for a robust CMS that would cater to their content needs and deliver the right message at the right time to their customers, emphasizing their luxurious products.


Ultrafabrics engaged with Icreon to help them migrate their website from the outdated Drupal platform to Sitecore, aiming to improve user experience, increase conversion rates, and better showcase their luxurious fabrics used across the luxury goods industry in products like cars, aircraft, furniture, handbags, shoes, watches, jewelry, and other goods. 


"Icreon has been instrumental in our digital transformation; their team has assisted us to move away from paper-based paraphernalia and onto an online digital experience. - Frank Cinque, Director of Technology, Ultrafabrics"

The Solution  

Bridging Gaps & Boosting Sales with Integrated Solutions

Icreon undertook a new initiative to rethink, redesign & reimplement Ultrafabric’s digital experience using Sitecore’s integrated DXP platform. Over the course of implementation, Icreon went through a strategy exercise that allowed the client to rethink their digital marketing architecture, centralize multiple capabilities into the single platform, and redesign the look and user experience.


Icreon built an interactive Fabric Finder tool that enables their end-users, partners, and distributors to seamlessly filter through a wide variety of fabrics by different colors, style, use cases, materials, and textures and visualize them in different conditions and lighting. Drawing inspiration from the Color Lab, Ultrafabrics sought modern solutions to showcase different colors and styles, enabling customers to truly feel the fabrics digitally.  


Icreon rebuilt Ultrafabric’s content marketing and authoring experience using Sitecore’s suite of tools so that it is 100% self-managed. They rethought their sample-order management system by developing apps that would allow them to handle sample-requests in real-time without needing to pull from legacy systems. This significant step has allowed their B2B brand to operate far more like a D2C brand, allowing them to service SMB, mid-market & enterprise sales opportunities at the speed of consumer demand.


“Beyond the pure execution, their team was involved in the Information Architecture, wire-framing, design direction & deployment of our new systems” - Frank Cinque, Director of Technology, Ultrafabrics


Icreon was able to replace their content marketing platform entirely, and place content management entirely in the hands of their marketing team. Today, campaigns, content, multi-variate testing & their flagship site can be entirely run without the need of outside support. This means that Ultrafabrics can move at the speed of their market and adapt far more quickly than with their prior content management platform.  


Icreon also integrated a huge part of their top-of-the-funnel sample-ordering platform into Sitecore. This has allowed Ultrafabrics to have a central console that bridges the gap between unidentified visitors through high-intent prospects. By integrating an order management capability directly into Sitecore, Ultrafabrics can now manage SKUs & SKU families (while integrating with their ERP) in real-time so that new marketing campaigns can directly showcase efficacy through the number of MQLs and is now able to generate field sales.

The Results  

25% increase in daily orders driven

The new website has helped Ultrafabrics to offer customers an improved user experience without compromising any functionality or effectiveness of their product offerings. Ultrafabrics successfully launched a new website that maximized sales and solidified their position in the industry. The fabric finder tool has improved the user engagement on the website. 

The improved website resulted in better buyer conversion rates, a significant reduction in mobile cart abandonment, and a seamless shopping experience for customers. As a result, Ultrafabrics can focus on their core business of designing and manufacturing innovative products at an unmatched level of quality. 

Icreon's partnership has yielded impressive results in terms of digital performance metrics. The time to launch campaigns has been reduced by 50%, enabling Ultrafabrics to execute their digital initiatives more efficiently. The sampling platform has also experienced a 25% increase in daily orders. Moreover, since the shift, time on the website has doubled, further demonstrating the success of the new website and Icreon's role in their development.

“Another agency was managing our digital experience redesign and told us they could complete the discovery process for it under an 8-week timeframe. We needed to complete it within 4 weeks to meet our original project plan. Icreon stepped in and delivered superlative work in the given 4-week timeframe.” - Frank Cinque, Director of Technology, Ultrafabrics

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