Why Sitecore is the Right Software for Your Business

Sep 09 2021

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Sitecore Development: The Ultimate Solution for Elevating Your Business to the Next Level

Your website is the most powerful asset to engage with customers, so choosing the right CMS to suit your business needs is critical. If you run a medium or large-scale business, Sitecore is often the premium choice to achieve your digital objectives over other platforms.

Sitecore is a world leading Web Content Management platform that can manage content and deliver highly personalized experiences regardless of device or location. It comes with powerful digital marketing tools to elevate your brand positioning and customer experiences. There are many exciting Sitecore features and benefits that could help fulfill your dynamic digital needs.

This blog will talk about the key differentiators of Sitecore and why it is the right software for your business.

Spotlight on Key Differentiators 

Selecting Sitecore over other WCM platforms often starts with your business needs. With Sitecore, you can overcome modern challenges such as designing custom digital experiences for your target audience, scaling business capabilities to drive growth, and personalizing each website visitor’s journey.

Sitecore is the leading force behind major digital transformations happening in the technology world. It’s used by thousands of multi-site businesses that cater to international clients with support of multilingual features. The digital experience platform leaves no stone unturned to present right content to the specific visitor. It allows you to create assorted experiences and hyper-engaging designs for each visitor across all platforms and devices.

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Here are some key differentiators that let this platform stand out-   

Personalized Customer Data

Personalized customer data is a powerful feature of Sitecore that lets you store every single customer interaction, behavior, and data points. With these datasets, you can foster engagement with your customers and increase returns. 

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Sitecore Experience Database xDB

The Sitecore xDB captures everything about your customers from CRM and non-Sitecore sources and connects them together. It provides companies with a comprehensive view of the customer journey.         

Sitecore Experience Profile (Sitecore XP)

Sitecore XP creates each individual customer profile based on company-customer interactions. These data profiles become richer with intelligent learning mechanism that evaluates prospects/leads on the basis of their clicking & purchasing behavior, demography and average time spent on the website.

Engagement Analytics

Marketers can leverage the engagement analytics feature to make the insights richer with actionable engagements. Such engagement values let you prioritize follow-up with your visitors. There is also a feature known as Path Analyzer that tracks how leads engage with your website, including the path they take to explore your content on page-by-page level.

Sitecore xConnect

This is an advanced analytics API for intelligent decision-making based on data collected from Sitecore and other platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other CRMs, ERPs and PIMs.

Easy Custom Geolocation

Set GeoIP personalization rules with easy custom geolocation feature to show nearby store locations based on IP address without making customers annoyed to enter zip code.

Integrated Omnichannel Campaigns

With Sitecore Experience Cloud, you can keep track of the performance of your marketing campaigns across different channels and gain contextual insights. Sitecore Omni – a hybrid headless CMS –supports the marketing functionality that Sitecore Experience Cloud offers such as analytics, optimization, multivariate testing, etc.

Print Experience Manager (PXM)

Sitecore PXM feature allows you to produce content at scale by adhering to your brand guidelines. That means you can share any type of content virtually with your prospects by transforming it into print ready collateral.

Multi-language support

Considering enterprises who rely on Sitecore to run their different websites across the globe, Sitecore multi-translation features help them manage each brand separately.   

Marketing Automation

Marketing seems easy with AI powered automation campaigns that trigger itself from Sitecore’s Marketing Control Panel. The advanced tools let you provide engaging contextual content to your visitors on the basis of their current behavior.

Why Choosing Sitecore for Your Business

Gartner says Sitecore is thrilled to continue winning the race as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management for straight ten years. The research giant provides unbiased assessment on the metrics such as performance and value of each platform, helping businesses to select the right software. While Sitecore may be a larger initial investment, it will surely pay you off in the long term.

Here are 6 key important benefits that enterprises can get when they implement Sitecore.

Insights-Driven Content Personalization 

Sitecore Experience Profiles will let you get rid of data silos. Using Sitecore Experience Database (xDB), you can collect data of individual customers and target groups. And the data is about past and real-time information on customers’ preferred devices and their geography. All this data creates an individual Experience Profile, which gives marketers a single centralized view of each customer. The platform prioritizes the data based on set rules and personas. This helps marketers to easily differentiate between prospects and customers and thus personalize the content accordingly.

Sitecore features and benefits in context to analytics help you obtain insights on customer data, track customer journeys, and setup intelligent rules for personalization. It collects data from customer interactions across channels to help your business optimize your customer experience.

Unparalleled Customer Engagement

In this modern world, people don’t like what looks general. ‘General’ counts as spam. Sitecore with its three focus areas including enterprise-level WCM, customer intelligence, and cross-channel delivery help you design personalized engagements and automate those interactions to gain better results. Using the data that you’ve captured about your customers’ device, location and engagements, you can setup personalization rules to deliver contextually relevant messages. For example, when Sitecore recognizes a user’s location, it will serve that user with relevant events or show them promotions on previously seen products. This type of personalization is crucial to boost your content marketing and drive value in terms of conversion rates and brand perception. Sitecore helps businesses save a significant amount of time spent by your marketing team.

New York Road Runners, a non-profit running organization, embarked on a digital transformation journey with Icreon. With Sitecore, the organization created personalized customer experiences across all channels and built new streams of revenue.

Easy Integration with other Systems

Sitecore’s architecture is extremely flexible and stable. It supports easy integration with other systems, whether they are built on Sitecore or not. For example, if you’re using a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics, an email marketing tool or ecommerce system to operate crucial business processes, you could easily integrate these systems in Sitecore.

Using a lot of individual systems can become difficult to manage and keep track of. In addition, if these systems don’t synchronize well, you will miss out important customer data that will help uplift your marketing messages. Setting up a single solution by integrating all your systems in Sitecore will help you deliver a consistent experience across different channels and optimize internal functions as well.

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Proven Technology for Efficient Project Implementation

Sitecore is an extremely reliable platform because it is built on Microsoft’s .NET framework. It supports a wide community of developers that are continuously working to extend the platform with additional modules. They are also providing fixes to the current system. For enterprise businesses like yours, it is not always right to pick the trending technology. What’s important is to choose the platform that can cater to your evolving business needs. With Sitecore and its worldwide evolving community, you are assured of robust integrations and extensions that help your business to continue to develop and evolve in line with the modern market demands.  

A leading contemporary art gallery in US, for example, leveraged Sitecore as the Digital Experience Platform to unify operations platform that records contextual insights. The gallery extended the functionality to implement virtual showrooms to drive excellent customer experience and revenue.   

Scalability that Makes Sense to Your Unique Needs

The digital experience platform, Sitecore, is built for high performance, flexibility, and unmatchable scalability. The platform offers two types of scaling: vertical scaling and horizontal scaling. In the vertical scaling feature, more resources can be added to a single node. This simply means adding or upgrading hardware to a single machine. This is suitable for organizations that don’t have large data requirements. In horizontal scaling, you can add more nodes to a system, that means you can deploy multiple servers for specific components. This is extremely useful for your business if you own multi-national websites for subsidiary businesses.

That being said, you can increase the number of users or capabilities (marketing tools and analytics), as your business evolves. Currently, the licensing model has become even more flexible that means you can only pay for what you need to increase the capacity of your solution.

End-to-end Management of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Sitecore is a powerful tool that can create a balance between your content and commerce needs. It offers a code-free interface that’s object-based and easy to use. Marketing professionals can work on modules, content objects, and reuse them across the site. They can manage blogs, promotional panels, and product pages in Sitecore. The Page Editor feature allows you to make your content responsive. All this can be done with little or no help from the development team.

Your Sitecore partner can deliver a solution containing all the content objects that you need to create new pages, optimize for SEO, add CTA panels or lead generation forms. The Sitecore consultants will give you the power to manage the solution without adding development costs. Moreover, user’s training is available for all your content management related requirements.

Summing Up 

The decision to choose Sitecore for your enterprise business should not be based on which WCM is most popular and trending, but on which WCM is the best fit for your business needs. Sitecore with its powerful features to scale the business, combine content creation and commerce together to personalize the website experience for each visitor, is a wise investment to drive business growth. While considering Sitecore, you must consider that it is a long-term investment to fulfill your digital objectives.

Create differentiated digital experiences with Sitecore. At Icreon, we work with a number of renowned clients who use Sitecore platform to accelerate digital transformation and unlock unprecedented growth. We are one of a select Sitecore Experience Award Winners for most intelligent content optimization category.

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