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May 28 2022

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Modernizing Your Business with Custom Web Development Solutions

In today's ever-evolving digital world, 93% of all website traffic comes from search engines, according to 99Firms's study. And if your brand relies on a solid web presence, then you likely know how important it is to have a unique, personalized web experience. To have a digital experience that stands out, custom web development is often required. 

Suppose you're contemplating a website redevelopment and vetting free and paid templates as a solution. You might want to consider several important factors before using a generic website template. These factors could restrict your business goals and success.

Custom web development, a tailor-made solution, is becoming more and more critical for businesses that want to achieve a breakthrough. Let's delve into more details.

What is a Custom Web Development Solution?

Custom web development is a website solution for your enterprise to achieve business objectives. It allows you to have a unique and dynamic website. Apart from that, this also includes several critical functionalities built to be as effective as possible to make meaningful contributions in areas that promote strong business performance.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Custom Web Development Company

In today's modern business landscape, every company is striving for a prominent web presence which is one of the most significant ways of growing your brand visibility and connect with potential customers. When building such presence, you can choose between pre-filled templated solutions or a custom web development service that is uniquely tailored to your business needs. While the templated solutions may be affordable, they don't offer you a wide range of possibility to truly leverage the potential of your website. By opting for an experienced custom web development firm, you will receive an array of benefits that will help in elevating the brand visibility of your business.

While it's true that a custom solution is helpful to make your business stand out and achieve a competitive edge, it also depends on your business, your customer, the type of website you need to develop, and its complexity.

For instance, American transportation company XPO Logistics wanted to streamline its several business lines through technology. Icreon helped them to create a roadmap for custom web development that would optimize their business. Their effort to initiate cutting-edge technology has given them a competitive advantage in the long run.

A custom website is more advanced and dynamic than a typical solution. Custom web solutions are tailored to each unique business need, making it a perfect solution for your business objective or brand.

Custom Web Development Solutions That Help Your Business Achieve High-Value Outcomes

Custom web development solutions have become more and more critical for businesses. A good website creates the credibility of a company and drives user engagement. Custom web solutions are designed in line with the latest trends so that your business can leverage the key benefits, such as -

Great Long-Term Investment 

A custom web development solution is more expensive than a pre-built template. However, it is an excellent long-term investment to consider if your business is looking to hire a web development company for tangible results.

These kinds of solutions enable your business to scale fast and efficiently. As your business grows, web developers will scale the current web app or website to meet the requirements.

Custom-developed websites are much more attuned to your brand requirements and objectives. In addition, this solution is generally created after carefully considering clients, consumers, stakeholders, and their requirements. Thus, custom web solutions have a higher ROI.

Improved Security 

Security threats can be a significant concern for businesses with a solid digital presence. Therefore, companies must take the proper steps to ensure improved security against such threats. Custom web development is a comprehensive solution to all these concerns, providing website infrastructure is built uniquely to enable better security.

Custom web solutions offer improved and robust security over time.

Having such a website won't let your business struggle with security complications. It enables you to handle it from your end as well. Moreover, it also prevents data theft or cyber-attacks.

Great for Complex Websites & User Experience

Let's assume you selected WordPress for your website platform and got a simple template. Then, with some customization, your website is ready to go live! But after a while, you start adding several functionalities, plugins, high-quality images, and blog posts. Now, your website has become painfully slow.

Custom web solutions are meant to eliminate obsolete bloatware while allowing better functionality. With an increasing API microservices landscape, you can now cut the costs even more. So, instead of building a specific capability, you can opt for a dynamic solution unique to your needs. This would integrate without impacting your website's performance or speed.

Third-Party Integration 

Reconstructing a website from scratch can be pretty expensive. Third-party APIs are great for building more effective websites that directly increase your bottom line. It can be the key to accomplishing excellent results from your web development plan. Business websites need to integrate third-party applications to have better functionality, evaluate performance, and collect the key insights that support marketing efforts.

While building customized web solutions allows you to enable improved third-party APIs, integration can help reduce the entire development cost. This also assists in implementing a current tool that your customers use, for example,, Google Maps, Social Apps, and Salesforce.

Web Automation 

No doubt, a website's performance significantly increases when custom-developed; however, how does all this happen?

Custom website development triggers automation features. This means it allows you to optimize and automate most of your operations and a wide range of repetitive functions. 

These functions automatically capture leads in a customized format that gets exported to your website CRM space. 

Furthermore, you can automate some advanced integrations like user engagement tools that will automatically start capturing customer data such a click-through rate, add-to-cart rate, and other crucial information. You can leverage the data later by analyzing and adjusting your content based on the analytic results. 

This way, custom website development assists you in streamlining most of your operations which are difficult to achieve with a standard website builder tool. This way, you can enable business function automation to improve efficiency and performance and assist your marketing and sales team.

Search Engine Friendly 

Regarding performance and speed, most pre-built templates don't adhere to such factors. It is not to state that Google prefers custom-developed websites or apps over websites built with templates. But if you're starting from scratch, performance will be one of the critical preferences.

This can help your business website or app to rank better SEO-wise as your site would be fast while offering a great user experience on devices like desktop and mobile. And when your site ranks better, it is easy for it to reach more audience and for you to find potential customers.

Personalization & Customized Conversions 

According to Statistica, 90% of consumers find personalized experiences appealing. This denotes the fact that investment plans for expanded capabilities are growing. For instance, Sitecore has plenty of unique personalization tools to enhance customer experience. A custom web development solution can solve top pain points like speed and automation that can hinder producing and delivering more personalized digital content.

Moreover, most marketers see personalization of the website experience as critical for customized conversions. Building a personalized website can deliver a better customer experience to a greater level by catering to the user's needs and demographics. Achieving this might sound daunting, but the good news is that these customizations can be implemented easily as they are a part of the custom web solution.

Focus on Branding to Stay Ahead of the Competition 

Today's digitally evolved time has upended how customers engage with brands. It has transformed marketing and made some of the traditional ways obsolete. For brands, the old way of doing business is not sustainable anymore. Today's customers want to connect with numerous brands; their first connection point is your website.

How your brand can interact with consumers who want a clear promise is essential. Moreover, note that website branding is much more than typical aesthetics. It would help if you asked how your website feels to your consumers for great website branding. Custom web-developed websites are built with the ideal customers, and that's blazingly fast. This makes it possible to deliver a fantastic user experience to your visitors.

As one of the most significant aspects today for your customers and search engines, a better customer web experience can persuade your customers to choose your brand over others.

Custom Web Development to Shape Your Business

Custom web development technologies have been pivotal in imagining possibilities for growth brands. However, with increasing pressure on businesses to bring an impeccable web experience, we need to focus on approaches that push websites to perform even more effectively.

At Icreon, we are a custom software development company that will get your business closer to an incredible web experience. Our expert web development teams are here to serve you with the best development results so you can shape your business and get it on the path to brighter success. Let's get your website rolling. Explore Icreon's web development services.