Top 5 Technologies That Will Reshape Web Development

Jan 19 2022

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Web Development's Future: 5 Technologies You Need to Know

The world of web development is set for some big changes in the coming years. AI-infused applications and dynamic platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Sitecore will continue to expand as organizations increasingly rely on advanced web development to broaden their digital presence. Every single brand is focusing on putting more emphasis on building solid online credibility while doing business. With this, it becomes important for brands to have the best knowledge of web development trends to achieve business goals.

Let's take a look at the top technologies that will transform the realm of web development.

Smart Technologies to Reshape Web Development

With 2 billion websites across the world, the web development industry has its own critical demands to fulfill such as better user interference and experience, scalability, performance, and security. Not every technology can live up to such demands of web development. To keep up with the latest trends, brands are focusing on building high performing websites with the help of expert developers.

Staying abreast of the latest web development trends is the first step towards maintaining websites with brand-new technology. Today’s dynamic technologies are known for catering to an increasingly demanding customer base. Some of them are –

Artificial Intelligence as a Radical Solution

Over the years, AI has proved its brilliance in web development by full filling requirements. AI is helping developers work on challenges related to user experience, coding, quality analysis, security, and much more. Global brands are benefitting from this innovative and dynamic technology that provides dependent solutions for security testing to developers.

To improve the user experience of their clients, brands will be integrating advanced AI algorithms. There are several different types of solutions that can be used to improve website performance significantly. For instance, hyper-customized user-experience is necessary for web development and AI is helping in automating the process. Industries are making the most of AI to lessen the operational expenses, too. According to Gartner, by 2025, the global AI market will reach almost $134.8 billion.

The adoption of AI will start helping in several ways such as completing predictive analysis of the data captured from web and system matrices. More and more companies are shifting towards AI to make the user experience better on their official websites.

AI can bridge the gaps while creating an impeccable customer journey, for example, Amdocs and Opun Ltd. have made the most of the AI solution to speed up their business. Amdocs, one of the top software companies, utilized AI and ML to create a Machine Learning-based Personalization Engine known as Amdocs Academy. This suite of tools enabled the clients to upskill their employees via immersive learning & language understanding features.

Similarly, Opun Ltd. incorporated AI to build upon a system where a virtual assistant will help a homeowner to hire trustworthy and capable professionals for their home improvement requirement. This AI-infused solution has helped Opun to overcome the challenges of customer handling by bringing transparency into the entire journey.

Cakephp Provides the Most Effective Framework

Like Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP is known for providing the most successful and optimal web development results. Created by Polish programmer and developer, Michal Tatarynowicz, CakePHP was officially launched in 2006, and quickly it gained popularity throughout the world.

This modern technology enables developers and engineers to build beautiful, highly scalable, and complex web applications or websites quickly. In general, CakePHP consists of an exhaustive collection of libraries and modules, that make the process easy for developers. This web framework is based on a model-view-controller architecture. It is well-known for producing secure and credible websites for all kinds of businesses.

Did you know that CakePHP is ranked amongst the top 4 most popular PHP projects on GitHub?

With 270+ contributors to the documentation, there is no doubt that CakePHP has a huge following. CakePHP provides easy customization and modification which makes things easier for developers to create apps. If you are seeking the most dynamic presentation or scalable solution for your website, then Cake PHP could be your answer.

Node.js to Deploy Better Performance and Scalability

Web developers' adoption data over the past years shows that Node.js is developer favorite with staying power, especially in backend development. With 175,398+ websites that have put Node.js, there is no question about its immense popularity.

Created by Ryan Dahl in 2009, initially Node.js was available on Mac OS and Linux. After three years of launching, the Windows version was introduced. According to survey, Node.js is the most sought-after tool in the category of Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools.

Nowadays, all web applications need some sort of backend to connect with other external services and databases. Thanks to Node js as it enables developers to use JavaScript to create dynamic web page content and back-end web applications before they are being sent to the user's web browser. Scalability is one of the important reasons why businesses love to use Node.js. It is a super-fast and high-performing framework with astounding programming to execute multiple actions at the same time.

Sitecore – Perfect Solution for Enterprise Web Development

Sitecore has a host of powerful features like AI-powered capabilities, social media integration, and e-commerce readiness. It also comes with in-built machine learning capability which is powered by Sitecore Cortex.

In a nutshell, Sitecore has all the essential tools to have a significant impact on web development.

xDB - This powerful marketing platform is equipped with futuristic features like xDB that helps in truly knowing about your customers to create a Buyer Persona which is also known as Experience Profile.

Personalization - Sitecore enables unpredicted personalization for site visitors to deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience. This results in having an increased percentage of engagement and visitors’ loyalty.

Progressive Web Applications for Higher Engagement

Businesses that are looking forward to higher engagement and conversion rates should join the Progressive Web App or PWA movement now. Originally suggested by Google in 2015, PWA has already garnered a lot of attention because of the instant wins for the mobile web. Brands that have a solid presence on both mobile and web, will appreciate the benefits that PWA has to offer.

Did you know that brands that switch to PWA noticed a spike in their customer engagement by 20% at least?

For instance, leading beauty brand Lancôme's conversion rate was dropping due to significant obstacles in their web experience. Just after introducing PWA to build upon a fast-loading and immersive web experience, the brand noticed a 17% increase in their conversion rates.

From a user's perspective, PWA (progressive web apps) are providing an ideal web experience by -

1. Not downloading or storing any app
2. Sharing links easily
3. Increasing page load times

Known as one of the web development solutions, PWA combines the scalability and reach of the web with the engagement of an app. These web apps use emerging APIs and features to provide a native app-like user experience. Several brands have been made PWAs be their preferred marketing tool.


Websites are the cornerstone of brands and businesses across the world. Yet, having a website is much more than creating an online presence. It is about highlighting the best your brand has to offer. An unresponsive site can put off users instantly, which is why incorporating impactful technology for web development is essential in this modern age. This will ensure a long-lasting impression on your audience and achieve real business results.

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