Building a Solid Foundation: Home Improvement Giant’s Digital Renovation

Discover how Opun transformed home renovation landscape by connecting homeowners with reliable trade professionals and achieved remarkable revenue growth.


Opun Redefines the UK Home Improvement Industry

Drawing upon decades of experience in the home improvement sector, Opun, a subsidiary of John Lewis & Partners, lends their expertise to assist individuals in completing home improvement projects. The client encountered the substantial challenge of revolutionizing the UK home improvement industry, plagued by fragmentation and a lack of oversight. Their goal was to create a comprehensive solution that ensures homeowners can seamlessly hire trustworthy trade professionals and have their projects executed with efficiency and quality.


Learn how Icreon brought the transformation by creating a robust platform for Opun to simplify home renovation tasks from start to finish.

The Challenge

Overcoming Obstacles: The Troubled Landscape of UK Home Renovations

The home improvement industry in the UK lacks proper organization and structure. Often homeowners connect with and hire trade professionals via classified ads; leading to high probability of delays and sub-standard work as there is no overseeing authority.


The absence of a comprehensive and streamlined digital solution has continually hindered the transformative potential of home improvement projects, making it difficult for homeowners to envision and execute their dream spaces. In the interest of addressing this pressing challenge, the innovative experts at Opun embarked on a journey to develop a digital platform that would empower homeowners to transform their homes confidently and effortlessly. By offering a one-stop destination for expert advice, professional services, and seamless project management, Opun aimed to disrupt the status quo and redefine the possibilities of home improvement in the UK.


We couldn't be more thrilled with our experience working with Icreon. From the moment we partnered with them, it was evident that they were a team of dedicated professionals committed to bringing our vision to life. Their expertise in cutting-edge technology and user-centric designs played a pivotal role in redefining the home improvement industry for homeowners through our new online platform.

The Result

Opun Achieves Remarkable Revenue Growth and Fortified Market Presence

Leveraging Icreon's expertise in cutting-edge technology and user experience design, Opun's platform offers users a complete end-to-end experience – from inputting service requests to connecting with skilled service providers and trade professionals.


The remarkable success of this partnership further solidified within the first year of the platform's launch. Notably, the website brought significant revenue through successful completion of home improvement jobs, demonstrating the confidence homeowners place in Opun.


The collaborative effort between Opun and Icreon not only redefined the home improvement experience for homeowners, but also provided a valuable platform for skilled professionals to showcase their expertise and connect with a broader customer base. The results stand as a testament to the power of combining expertise in technology and digital innovation to create transformative solutions in traditional industries. As a result of this partnership, Opun has solidified their position as a leading one-stop platform, streamlining the home improvement process and making a positive impact on the lives of homeowners across the UK.

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