287% Increase in Donations to Advance Earth and Science

Discover how AGU, a 100-year-old nonprofit, achieved a staggering 287% increase in donations and a 40% rise in the average donation through a cutting-edge digital transformation.


A platform to advance earth and space

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is a not-for-profit organization of Earth, atmosphere, ocean, hydrologic, space, and planetary scientists with over 62,000 members from 144 countries. Their community of scientists and supporters work together to lead research encompasses everything from the exploration of planets to studies of the structure and chemical composition of the Earth’s deep interior, to understanding the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, and the dynamics of climate change.


AGU was challenged to provide their users direct access to relevant information and recognized the need to revamp their existing portal into a dynamic digital platform. This transformation aimed to offer users a personalized experience within a vast repository of data and content spanning a century, serving a diverse membership exceeding 62,000 individuals while meeting the demand for real-time insights.


One of AGU's main goals in this digital transformation was to raise awareness of natural resource limitations and to amplify the application of Earth sciences in developing solutions for the sustainability of the planet.


Learn how AGU was able to simplify donor access to information about AGU's programs with Icreon with an increase in donations and an increase in conversion rate.


The Challenge

Personalizing 100 years of content for individual relevance while delivering real-time actionable insights presents a formidable challenge

For over a century, AGU has been at the forefront of Earth and Space Science, united in purpose with their members, volunteer leaders, and staff. However, the organization realized that to break new ground in scientific discovery, merely relying on traditional approaches would be insufficient. They recognized the untapped potential of digital technology as an enabler for significant advancement.


Navigating the complex terrain of digital transformation was far from straightforward, especially considering AGU's vast and heterogeneous landscape. With an extensive repository of data and content, amassed over more than 100 years, and a sprawling global community consisting of over 62,000 members across 144 countries, the challenges were multifaceted. The need to deliver real-time insights and facilitate instant access to information further complicated matters. It was here that Icreon emerged as a strategic partner, uniquely equipped to guide AGU through the labyrinthine challenges of digital transformation.


Together, AGU and Icreon embarked on an ambitious mission to ensure that the right information reached the right people at the right time, thereby fulfilling the increasingly complex needs of the AGU community.


The Icreon

Enterprise platform development to accelerate scientific research

AGU’s digital transformation was meant to connect leading minds with others and provide access to the data and content needed to bring ideas and experiments to life.  By putting the individual in the center of the AGU experience, Icreon was able to consolidate the content, build the tools and platforms and connect people together to provide each individual the information and access needed to push their advancements into the future.


In this transformative endeavor, Icreon team guided AGU through a meticulously crafted, user-centric strategy. At the heart of this blueprint were three foundational pillars: Enterprise Platform Development, Business Model Innovation, and Loyalty Services. During the first phase, Icreon developed an agile and robust enterprise platform that amalgamated content management, data analytics, and collaborative tools. The new platform was built on Sitecore 9, and Icreon consolidated 67,000 pages of content on to the one platform leveraging the "Helix Methodology" in the architecture of the platform. The enterprise platform leveraged the latest technologies to offer real-time, multi-faceted communication and data sharing among users, significantly fast-tracking scientific research and discoveries.  


Icreon then ingeniously revamped AGU's business model to sync with the evolving digital landscape. AGU has at their disposal, over 75 dynamic modules that can drag and drop on to a blank canvas so that AGU can repeat and build out their own experiences. They instituted a tiered-access model, creating revenue streams that catered to a wide array of users, from members, users, volunteers to established professionals. This ingenious monetization strategy not only diversified AGU's revenue but also fortified their capacity to invest in enhancing content quality and reach. 


In collaboration with AGU's leadership, Icreon carried this multifaceted strategy from conceptualization through to implementation, and the impacts were immediate and profound. 

The Result

An increase of 297% in donations, a 100% increase in conversion rate, and a 40% increase in average donation with enterprise platform development

Icreon was able to help AGU achieve their goal by providing a digital platform for their customers. The platform allowed easy access to papers published in any journal by any author at any time. The platform also allowed for better collaboration among researchers as well as easier sharing options across different channels such as social media platforms which made it easier for people outside of academia who had an interest in science topics related to AGU's research areas but did not have the time to read through a lengthy paper. Icreon's platform helped AGU achieve their goal and allowed them to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape while also providing value to their customers.

Icreon worked with AGU on their website redesign project in order to make it easier for donors to find information about AGU's various programs and initiatives. With this redesign came an increase in donations by 297%, an increase in conversion rate by 100%, and an increase in the average donation by 40%.

Client Testimonial

“Overall donations are up 287% over last year, and a direct comparison between members transacting on their old platform this year and those using the new Sitecore-based rebuild showed double the conversion rate with the new site and a 40% increase in average donation” 

- Jay Brodsky
Chief Digital Officer, AGU

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