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Personalization Is the New Luxury

We specialize in creating personalized 1:1 digital experiences for the luxury industry, combining strategy, technology, and data expertise.

Raise the bar for Luxury Success with Digital

Elevating customer experiences through luxury industry expertise

The world of luxury is evolving rapidly, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to embrace advanced digital technologies. In fact, a report by BCG stated that a whopping 80% of luxury consumers now prefers brands that use digital technologies to enhance the customer experience. By embracing digital transformation, luxury retailers can improve their customer experience, streamline their operations, and optimize their supply chain to ensure that they remain competitive and relevant in the ever-changing luxury retail landscape.


At Icreon, we work with our luxury clients to develop unique VIP experiences that are unparalleled. From luxury airlines and high-end jewelers to world class art dealers and brands like Ferrari, we help luxury brands carefully balance their brand image, aesthetics, and functionality to create digital experiences that are personalized, elegant, and impactful. 

Digital Solutions

Luxury Industry Expertise 

We combine our expertise in e-commerce revenue, digital strategy, and UX/UI design to bring your products to the forefront and connect with your target audience.

CX Transformation

Our CX transformation service is designed to help elevate your brand’s customer experience by identifying and addressing pain points and areas for improvement across all touchpoints of the customer journey. We leverage our expertise in customer research and consulting to break down siloed processes, understand evolving consumer landscape and uncover new insights to maximize profit. Our services include customer journey mapping, persona development, customer feedback analysis, and technology implementation recommendations.

Omnichannel Growth strategy

An omnichannel strategy is critical. In fact, 90% of customers expect their interactions to be consistent across all channels. In an omnichannel context, this means tracking the consumer digital journey from display ads, email promotions, SMS alerts, e-commerce sites, and more. At Icreon, we understand that delivering a successful omnichannel strategy begins and ends with market research. We lean on advanced data analytics to help put customers’ desires at the center of the strategy and anticipate the ideal shopping journey for higher loyalty. By leveraging this data and experimenting with various omnichannel strategies that adapt to their customers’ behaviors, luxury brands can succeed at this digitization approach. 

Connected Commerce

Developing connected commerce, where customers seamlessly move between online and offline channels, presents a unique set of challenges for luxury retailers including inventory management on multiple platforms, personalized CX, and a lot more. We help luxury brands leverage modern DXP platforms built on headless technology, digital marketing tools, and insights-driven culture that integrates the view of customers and products to meet the promise of a luxury shopping experience.

Supply Chain Management

Luxury products often require specialized manufacturing processes and sourcing of materials, which can result in longer lead times and higher costs. Additionally, luxury retailers need to maintain their quality and exclusivity in storing and transporting, manage inventory in demand fluctuations, etc. Icreon offers supply chain solutions that help your company to manage its resources more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profitability. We provide best-in-class ERP software implementation, enterprise architecture planning, and data migration strategies & consulting services that allow you to optimize inventory levels and improve customer service.

CDP & Analytics

Understanding the needs and preferences of customers is essential for every luxury retailer’s success. Stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive industry with our expertise in AI and advanced analytics tools to help our luxury clients make better strategic decisions while improving operational efficiencies at every stage of the supply chain process. We leverage customer data platforms that collect insights from different data points and provide a unified customer profile for faster decision-making. The platform helps brands to identify leads, deliver personalized experiences, and segment their high-net worth consumers based on their purchasing patterns. Additionally, this segmentation can help brands develop personalized experiences for their different target audiences.

Digital Personalization Services

Achieving personalization in luxury retail is a challenging task that requires overcoming obstacles like collecting high-quality data, addressing privacy concerns, navigating complex purchase journeys, increasing customer interactions, and managing costs to successfully personalize the shopping experience. Future-proof your CX with top-tier personalization services backed by behavior-based insights, an intuitive interface, and AI-driven automation. We are an ideation-to-growth acceleration partner for your personalization journey that demands speed and agility.

Luxury Clients

Creating an Unforgettable Shopping Experience Online

Icreon built a scalable retail solution that was created to modernize the entire retail store website, making it seamless and immersive for future interaction. Several beneficial features, such as - custom APIs and modules, were built to create better transparency amongst third-party data sources centralized in the new platform. Additionally, to automate processes such as product returns, entering new product SKUs, and ad content management, the system seamlessly integrated with platforms such as UPS Returns Label and Dynamic Yield. This solution also equipped Sabon's website with multiple payment modes, resulting in flexibility in payment methods.

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