Sitecore Symposium 2022- Day 2 Highlights

Oct 20 2022

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(Covering 19th Oct events)

What an amazing two days it’s been for Icreon with lots of insightful sessions, customer success talks, in-person connects, and Headless Halloween party fun.

Day two of Sitecore Symposium was full house with 100+ sessions divided into four breakout tracks from CX pioneers across the industry. Along with other Sitecore partners, Icreon took the stage to showcase innovative success stories with a fantastic lineup of customer speakers including JCI, UltraFabrics, and more. Icreon lived up to the moments with cheerful crowd gathered at their booth for some exciting conversations and prize announcement. 

The second day also built up the huge excitement for Emmy-Nominated, Writer, Producer, and Actor, Mindy Kaling.  Let’s check out what the day looked like at the Symposium.

What’s Going on at Sitecore Symposium 

A Deep Dive into the Latest Product Innovations at Sitecore- A Keynote by Dave O’Flanagan 

Sitecore Chief Product Officer Dave O’Flanagan talked on composable future, how it is helping brands to deliver standout digital experiences across every customer journey. He stated, “Now there will be more power in the marketer’s hands with Sitecore’s latest composable approach.” Under the new cloud portal, Sitecore to be positioned as an integral part of the entire DXP stack. From a single user interface, marketers can analyze the page insights, create a map for personalization while analyzing the sessions at a particular time of the day. He also announced the launch of XM 10.3 during his talk.

Celebrity Keynote by Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, the creator of The Mindy Project, Emmy-nominated writer, producer, New York Times best-selling author, director, and actor, spoke live from the Sitecore Symposium stage. In the conversation with Mindy Kaling, Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill sat down with Mindy Kaling and discussed her wealth of experience in acting, directing and storytelling. She addressed many questions around the entertainment industry and how her storytelling expertise can help today’s marketers uniquely connect with people.

Prize Announcement at Icreon Booth

Icreon was thrilled to announce the winners at their booth and awarded them with coolest prizes . People were engaged in some extended conversations with Icreon’s seasoned professionals.

Breakout Sessions that Inspired People at the Symposium

Day 2 started with exciting breakout sessions after guest keynote, Mindy Kaling, gave an amazing performance. Icreon was excited to meet with Sitecore developer MVPs, Solution experts, connect with the world’s biggest brands and shared their stories on how the company has empowered its clients to deliver phenomenal experiences through innovative Sitecore implementations.

A quick rundown of breakout sessions presented by Icreon

Moving From B2B to D2C: How UltraFabrics Builds Corporate Demand through Consumer Desire 

Featured: Barry Silverman of UltraFabrics, Paul Miser of Icreon

CX visionaries sat together and talked about retailers don’t just sell goods and services, they sell their brand’s identity, ethos, and ethics. UltraFabrics realized the best way to create B2B demand was to build deep consumer desire. To achieve this, UltraFabrics leveraged Sitecore’s DXP and designed a marketing engine that could create D2C experiences to drive its B2B model.

Personalization, Community, and the Elephant in the Room

Featured: Kimberly McCabe of Icreon and the Women of Sitecore

The panel included our very own Kimberly McCabe of Icreon and the Women of Sitecore, who discussed the importance of diversity in technology, marketing, and sales. In particular, she explored how we can ensure that diverse voices are represented throughout our organizations and product teams.

Diversity is not just important in terms of making sure people from different backgrounds feel welcome at work; it’s also important because having different perspectives makes our products better.

Sitecore powers Johnson Controls’ global web program, and they continuously evolve

Featured: Steve Lamensdorf, SVP, Customer Experience, Icreon and Erica Deitzel, Director of Digital Marketing, Johnson Controls

Icreon’s Steve Lamensdorf sat down with Erica Deitzel to discuss how JCI felt the need that their digital marketing presence needed to transform and align with the global enterprise program. The program's platform, built on Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), currently hosts 40+ websites that share a codebase to efficiently deliver a unified customer experience across product brands. It was an interesting conversation on how Icreon advanced the design pattern library and took the UI/UX to the next level for customers and content authors alike.

Sitecore Symposium Party

The symposium party was a big surprise party by Sitecore where all attendees gathered and had lots of fun after a long day of events. The party took place at an iconic Chicago hot spot and filled the night with specialty foods and drinks.

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