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What is Contextual Marketing, And Why Should You Care?

As customers in this data-driven world, we've come to expect tailored and personalized experiences that cater to our particular needs. Brands like NYRR and AXAXL set that tone, providing us what we want when we want it. This "have it your way" customer experience has shifted the way the business world thinks about marketing.

Now, brands want to approach customers with relevant offers at the right moment, not when it is convenient. Marketing professionals are utilizing new techniques, tools, and strategies that enable personalized experiences at scale. In other words, they are using Contextual Marketing.

Contextual Marketing in A Dynamic and Evolving Digital Era

Contextual Marketing is all about delivering the right content at the right time to the right audience. It uses behavioral targeting, brand awareness, appeal, and engagement. It provides targeted content depending on user information, such as recent searches and browser histories. For instance, a potential customer searches on Google for the best cars for commute based on fuel efficiency. Then they check their daily dose of news, and the ads show up alongside the information are for fuel-efficient vehicles. This customer, interested in saving extra fuel on their daily commute, clicks on the ad to check out the latest range of cars.

The purpose here is to deliver products and services to customers who are already interested in them. Let's now unpack what it truly means and explore the advantages of it!

Why Contextual Marketing Matters and How to Get Started

With Contextual Marketing's all-encompassing scope, what does it mean for brands? How do they incorporate Contextual Marketing possibilities into their discipline? Contextual marketing is more effective when your potential customers are spending more time online through mobile devices. Because contextual marketing gathers and preserves valuable information about users. This means the more comfortable a user is with online shopping, the more responsive they can be to Contextual marketing.

Contextual Marketing creates an excellent opportunity for brands and marketers to partner on every step of the journey, create unwavering loyalty, and unleash total customer value.

Unlocking the Possibilities with Contextual Marketing

Contextual Marketing is essential for many reasons, such as –

When you have more context around your relationship with a customer, you're able to deliver personalized and relevant marketing content that caters to their requirements. This is the foundation for creating content that your audience love! Contextual Marketing is typically not the kind of marketing that annoys customers by clicking the "unsubscribe" button. That's a win-win!

Marketing that is targeted at customer's points of need will always perform much better for the brand. Because you're not providing marketing content that's not catering to their interests in the sales cycle.

Contextual Marketing has myriads of advantages to offer, including -

Improving the customer experience – As we already know, Contextual Marketing is highly personalized. The message that is conveyed to customers is timed appropriately and strategically placed.

Targeted traffic – By emphasizing particular behavior and demographics, you can target your prospects just when they are about to make a buying decision.

Cost-Effective - it doesn't require a massive investment. Simply gather the correct data in a CRM tool.

More Involvement - Now, your messages can be reached at the right time to encourage better participation with your brand.

Better ROI - Because of Contextual Marketing's targeted effort, conversion rates will go up, and sales will increase exponentially.

How Brands Can Leverage Contextual Marketing for Inclusive Growth with Sitecore

When it comes to Contextual marketing, Sitecore is quite serious about it! Sitecore's Contextual marketing has the solution to resolve most of the issues related to customer experiences. It says that the best way to deliver a personalized experience is by marketing in the context of the person's past and present history of interaction with your brand.

Here's how -

Sitecore 9.1 – Creating connections, driving conversions, and fostering customer relationships are amongst the top priorities of growth brands. Sitecore 9.1 has a range of secure and modern commerce solutions, including everything you need to run a global digital commerce storefront. Sitecore makes it easy to consistently refine customer experience from all interactions, even if it's spread over various places, times, and devices. Now, it is easy to turn your customers into brand advocates. Crafting refined targeting marketing campaigns along with a comprehensive customer data repository can make it possible for marketers to provide a seamless CX.

Sitecore Content Hub - To make the most of contextual marketing, brands need to take charge of their complete content lifecycle. Sitecore Content Hub makes it possible by integrating digital asset management with content marketing, digital rights management, product content management, and marketing resource management in one platform. This enables your whole marketing department to work in conjunction. With this single and integrated solution, you can leverage personalization and respond to the content that feeds it.

Sitecore Experience Commerce - Winning your customers starts with delivering a seamless experience. Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC) makes it happen by its experience-focused commerce solution. This approach consists of blended content, contextual intelligence, and commerce to deliver the perfect personalized experience that nurtures your customers. This integrates content and marketing on one platform to provide Omnichannel retail experiences that make the right customer happy with the ideal offer to boost profitability.

Personalized Forms - Now, your brand can create personalized forms on landing pages with Sitecore 9. This is also called Progressive Profiling which means the next time your users fill out the forms; you will get more information about them. Creating a personalized layout on Sitecore is easy. Contextual marketing can be expanded easily with Sitecore by building short, multi-page forms or creating more landing pages for forms.

Harness the Power of Contextual Marketing

Customer experience has dominated over the past few years, as this has the potential to meet the ever-increasing expectations of customers, with interactions that delight them and distinguish brands. Contextual Marketing can make it happen by using behavioral data and insights to drive desired behaviors in your existing customers. Need more ideas? Discover how to scale your marketing here.


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