Transforming YouTube Content Management for Global Campaigns

Explore how Adstream overcame challenges to integrate their platform library with YouTube, streamlining global content distribution and management.


Revolutionizing TV Distribution with Cross-Geographical Advertising Campaigns

Adstream (now XR Extreme Reach) is a leading provider of TV distribution services that handles millions of TV Distribution sends annually. With their existing Digital Asset Management System, they offer clients the ability to enter orders to broadcasters, upload files, and attach metadata for advertising. The underlying challenges with the system include managing content publication and removal on YouTube based on complex rights and expiry criteria, alongside ensuring high standards of content visibility and control across challenging non-linear service landscapes for efficient, compliant, and strategic digital asset distribution. 


To address these substantial challenges, they required an advanced system to handle content publishing and unpublishing on YouTube, aligning with usage rights and expiry dates. Discover how they teamed up with Icreon to enable seamless and compliant distribution on YouTube, all through the power of enhanced Digital Asset Management.

The Challenge

Navigating the Complexities of Digital Rights and Distribution

Adstream was in urgent need of a highly advanced system. This system was crucial for executing two primary functions: publishing content to YouTube from their Platform Library and subsequently unpublishing it, all based on predefined usage rights and specific expiry dates. However, the requirements extended beyond these functionalities. The company was seeking a solution that would not only handle these tasks but also guarantee rigorous standards for content visibility, ensuring that their digital assets could be easily aggregated and controlled. This level of control was particularly vital for distribution to various non-linear services, where the landscape for content sharing and visibility is notoriously complex and demanding.


The envisioned system also needed to possess the capability to meticulously manage rights associated with the content. This involves mediating the content flow—ensuring that it meets all necessary criteria before being published—and also the proactive removal of content from YouTube the moment the rights to it expired. This aspect was crucial in maintaining compliance with legal standards and preserving the integrity of content distribution efforts.


They needed a comprehensive solution that could address the broader challenges of content visibility, aggregation, and controlled distribution in the nuanced ecosystem of non-linear services, equipped with robust rights management capabilities and centralized account management to ensure efficiency, compliance, and strategic content oversight.

The Solution

Icreon's Custom Solution for Adstream's Global Launch

Icreon partnered with Adstream to develop a tailored solution that integrated the Adstream Platform Library with YouTube. The process began with understanding Adstream’s clientrequirements for running a cross-geographical awareness campaign for a new product launch. The solution leveraged Adstream's Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to pull digital assets, which were then retrieved and stored within Epsilon's services using Adstream APIs for logging, audit trails, and notifications.


To launch the campaign, Icreon managed the necessary segmentation requirements, routing assets based on geographies, target demographics, time-windows, ad budgets, and other relevant factors. The solution also automated campaign scheduling to run against new channels. In addition, the system utilized individual channels' monetization, tracking, and DRM APIs to send data back to Epsilon for analysis.


Icreon employed a variety of tools and platforms to create and implement the solution for Adstream. They used EXPRESS, a web application framework for Node.js, to handle server-side implementation and API requests. Adstream's Facebook integration was incorporated for content management and distribution on the platform.


To store campaign-related data, including asset information, segmentation requirements, and analytics, MONGODB, a NoSQL database, was utilized. The .NET framework was used to develop the backend services and APIs that connected Adstream's DAM system to YouTube. Lastly, the YouTube API was integrated to enable content publishing, management, and removal based on usage rights and expiry dates.

The Result

Streamlined Content Distribution and Rights Management

Icreon's collaboration with Adstream led to the successful implementation of a robust and scalable Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, enhancing Adstream's ability to effectively manage and distribute content to YouTube. This advanced DAM system provided centralized control over YouTube accounts, facilitating seamless management of digital assets based on usage rights and expiry dates.


Thanks to this upgraded DAM capability, Adstream clients can now effortlessly execute cross-geographical campaigns, utilizing the extensive features of the Adstream Platform Library alongside YouTube's powerful platform for amplified reach and engagement. This integration underscores the pivotal role of Digital Asset Management in streamlining content distribution and maximizing digital asset utilization across global markets.

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