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About Adstream

Adstream currently runs a distribution system that handles more than 2 million TV Distribution sends each year. They provide their customers with the ability to enter orders to broadcasters, upload files and attach associated metadata for advertising. Their system then processes the files by ensuring quality checking before distributing them to more than 100 countries globally.

The Challenge

The success was dependent on ability to publish Adstream Platform Library content to YouTube and to unpublish the content as defined based on usage rights or expiry dates. Specific focus given to Content visibility, aggregation and control over distribution to non-linear services, Rights managed content is mediated, and expired rights remove content from YouTube and Centralised management of all YouTube accounts.

The Solution & Execution

Client ABC may decide they want to run a cross-geographical awareness campaign for the launch of the new product. The solution currently pulls digital assets that are stored in Adstream’s DAM. These assets are retrieved, and Epsilon then utilises various Adstream APIs for Logging, Audit Trails & Notifications to store the new asset within Epsilon’s services. In order to launch the campaign, Epsilon manages the appropriate segmentation requirements, routing assets based on geographies, desired target demographics, time-windows, ad budgets and the like, and automatically schedules the campaign to be run against the new channels. In addition, it leverages individual channels’ monetization, tracking, & DRM APIs to send back to Epsilon for analysis.