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Streamline communication, boost self-service capabilities, and empower your sales and marketing teams with real-time insights – all within a secure, client portal.

B2B Portal Services

Self-service B2B portals can cut support calls by 70%, boost satisfaction by 90%, and improve order accuracy by 50%. – Forrester

At Icreon, we specialize in crafting personalized B2B portals that enhance your business relationships and streamline sales operations. Our portals empower your customers with efficient self-service options, allowing them to manage their accounts, review orders, handle invoices, track deliveries, get self-support, and much more.


Whether you require a custom-built B2B portal, a solution leveraging a pre-existing platform, or simply want to modernize your existing portal, Icreon can tailor a solution to your business specifics. With a proven track record of successful collaborations with industry leaders such as PepsiCo, Johnson Controls, and Bullit Group, we employ a robust proof-of-concept methodology to deliver comprehensive B2B customer portal solutions. These solutions not only enhance relationships with your current customers but also foster loyalty, streamline processes, and drive sales. Collaborate with Icreon to cultivate stronger B2B partnerships and propel your business forward.

B2B Customer Portal Development

B2B Services for Disruptive Growth

Streamline B2B Interactions with a Powerful Customer Portal.

Strategy & Consulting

Our strategy and consulting services address the core challenges of B2B businesses like lack of personalized self-service, relationship management, consistent experiences across different touchpoints, etc. By thoroughly understanding your audience and specific needs, we create digital roadmaps to provide comprehensive solutions that align with your business objectives, ensuring sustained growth and success.

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B2B Customer Portal Development

With 400+ engineers, architects, designers and digital consultants, we craft customer portals tailored to your unique business needs. Whether it's custom development or leveraging platform-based solutions, we integrate unique workflows, functions, and UX elements, meeting your business specifics. Our team emphasizes delivering personalized experiences that enhance user engagement and streamline business processes, ensuring your user experience stands out in the competitive landscape.

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Self-Service Commerce Portals

Our commerce and order management experts empower your customers to manage their accounts, track orders, review invoices, and make payments independently 24/7. With intuitive interfaces, robust search features, and personalized content, our portals enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction, and operational productivity while reducing the need for manual assistance.

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B2B Portal Modernization

Our B2B Portal Modernization service enhances your existing portal to align with your business objectives. We focus on flexibility, revamping the portal's architecture and code while removing outdated features and introducing new capabilities. Our goal is to refresh the user experience, ensuring your portal remains effective and competitive in today's market.

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B2B Portal Migration

With our B2B Portal Migration service, we facilitate smooth transitions to new platforms ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Whether moving to a new cloud environment or transitioning from monolith to composable environment, our experts manage the entire migration process efficiently. We prioritize data integrity, user experience, and system stability, ensuring your business continues to thrive without interruption.

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Data and AI

We help you tap into the potential of data and AI making it easier for your customers to find the products and solutions they need, receive personalized offers, and ultimately improve loyalty and user satisfaction.

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Ongoing Business Optimization

As your technology partner, we keep your B2B customer portal at the forefront with ongoing optimization and support. This ensures it always performs well, stays secure, and can grow with your needs. By keeping up with market changes and new technologies, we help manufacturers like you provide a top-notch, efficient experience for your customers, ensuring you stay competitive and effective.

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Custom Accelerators

Get to Market Faster with Our Commerce Accelerator Programs

Try before you buy with a true proof of concept in our fully integrated sandboxes pre-loaded with our family of modular, composable technology partners including commercetools, Algolia, Cloudinary, Bloomreach, Contentstack and many more. Experience for yourself how your business model works with the leading technology platforms.


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Success Story: H+K International
Modernizing B2B Portal for Improved Sales and Growth Opportunities

H+K International, a global kitchen equipment giant, was suffering from the limitations of its legacy system like poor customer service, outdated online ordering processes and experiences, etc. Learn how Icreon partnered to improve and enhance the shopping experience with innovative digital solutions - streamlining operations, enabling more efficient order management for employees, and ultimately fueling growth.

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Empowering B2B Customers & Streamlining Operations for Consistent Growth