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Today's consumer exists everywhere. Gone are the days where brick-and-mortar stores are the primary interaction in the marketplace. Users are no longer looking for the nearest store - they’re looking for the nearest device, and organizations need to be available across all platforms and mediums.

At Icreon, we work with Retail companies to re-imagine customer experiences through customized digital solutions, building out a holistic approach toward contextualized experiences that resonate across different devices & media. We’ll take the time to understand your business model, your operations, and your consumer - and build out experiences with 1:1 connections.


We know that digital is more than just customer-facing websites and applications. It’s how internal teams operate, it’s how to deliver on personalized experiences both for customer and employees, it’s building recommendation engines, it’s automating workflows within sales and marketing.

That’s why we’re the ideal partner for Retailers. While updated digital properties could have an impact on growth, it’s a very small part of a larger digital landscape. We work as a partner rather than a vendor, diving deep into your business and its processes to understand where digital can have the biggest impact. The output could be a robust platform that enables data flow from applications, it could be the use of RPA within tedious manual processes, or it could be forward-thinking with AR & VR – the end goal is for digital to enable growth of both top- and bottom-lines.

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