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Retail Industry

Re-imagining Retail Customer Experiences Through Customized Digital Solutions

At Icreon, we work with Retail Brands to digitally transform them into an experience-led business for its digital-savvy customers – Enabling personalized shopper experiences with technology, data, and strategy to drive commerce.

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The Retail and Commerce Industry needs to be truly omnichannel, with digital solutions orchestrated for today's evolving and uncertain consumer landscape. At Icreon, we partner with you to build a cohesive customer experience journey tailored to your system-stitching together the technology, people, and processes.

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Digital Solutions

Retail Industry

We build customized digital solutions to help organizations run more efficiently.

Retail / Commerce Strategy

Tapping into consumer behavior and cultural trends to deliver a robust and effective retail and commerce strategy. Breaking down the silos of brick and mortar and ecommerce, we deliver a streamlined customer experience where your brand connects the moment of consumer context and intent.

eCommerce / Social / Digital Commerce

Leaning into the accelerated consumer behaviors of digital commerce, we help retail brands build the technologies and tools to capitalize on these always on revenue streams - from online stores to digital payment systems to integrated brick and mortar experiences.

Digital Transformation

Devising a digital framework for retail brands to provide a seamless customer experience for its users; our digital solutions are future-ready for retail brands to evolve, innovate, and grow – adding digital revenue streams, aiding offline commerce, and increasing the profit margin with brand loyalty.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Developing a unified ecosystem that accounts for a business’s applications, data, infrastructure & digital product investments according to the digital transformation journey map. All to deliver Personalization in customer engagement.

Experience Strategy

Understanding the vision of the business, the purpose of the brand and the expectations of the customer, we devise a north star for how digital will connect the dots. Then we deliver an actionable approach to get to the next best action, conversation and message.

Technology Implementation

We approach technology implementation as a coordinated effort across the organization from people & capabilities, process & capabilities and technology is the true outcome of a Digital Transformation Strategy. Building according to plan and pivoting when needed.

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