Customer Data Management

Unlock User Insights, Track Behaviors, and Elevate Customer Engagement 

Effortlessly unify your customer data sources, leverage real-time insights, and achieve personalized engagement across all channels with Icreon’s Sitecore CDP Implementation and optimization expertise.

Sitecore CDP Development

Unlock Real-time Personalization with Your Trusted CDP Implementation Partner

Leveraging Sitecore's robust customer data management platform, Icreon, a highly-awarded Platinum Sitecore Partner, transforms your business insights and customer experiences. With our specialized CDP implementation expertise, we help you unlock the full potential of Sitecore's rich suite of tools to gain an in-depth understanding of user behavior and trends. Whether you're using SCV, CRM, ESP, or other diverse data sources, our expertise ensures a seamless data integration process. Our ability to make sense of both live and historical data enables your business to deliver real-time, in-session personalization across all customer touchpoints.

Achieve 360 degree of your customers 

Turn Data into Personalized Experience with Icreon

Sitecore CDP promises powerful customer data collection capabilities, real-time contextual understanding, intelligent data lakes, and the ability to unlock first-party data for personalized engagement across ecosystems. But... improper implementation can lead to disconnected data points, ineffective data utilization, missed opportunities due to poor segmentation, and failed personalization journeys due to lack of integration of multiple data sources.


Icreon's experts ensure that the digital customer journey, setup, and configuration deliver Sitecore's promise. From designing seamless experiences to effortlessly integrating your data sources, whether it's SCV, CRM, ESP, DMP, POS, or others, using stream, batch, or interactive APIs, we enable you to reach your target audiences across your entire ecosystem with personalized, data-driven, and highly effective customer experiences.


Icreon did a great job in building our website on time that reflects our brand. It’s not just what you ask them to do, but they also give you recommendations on the best practices, which I appreciate.

Satvinder Kaur
Awareness & Growth Marketing, VP at Acrisure
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Sitecore CDP Management Services
  • Consolidated Omnichannel Data

    Obliterate data silos, capturing every click, search, and tap from every channel, both online and offline, with xDB, CDP, and xConnect. We centralize data, providing you with a 360-degree view of your customers making it simple to create segments and deliver personalized experiences that drive revenue and loyalty.

  • Multi-Source Data Integration

    Integrating data from multiple sources is the foundation of our approach to maximizing Sitecore CDP capabilities. Our expertise lies in harmonizing diverse data sources, including those within Sitecore XP and other omnichannel systems throughout the CX tech stack and advertising platforms.

  • Tracking and Measurement

    Measure your digital efforts effectively. We employ configure and customize Sitecore's powerful analytics, aggregating visitors' attributes, behaviors, and transactions. This results in enriched Business Intelligence analytics, real-time dashboards, and immediate insights.

  • Predictive Analytics & AI

    Leveraging Sitecore’s sophisticated predictive analytics and AI features, we help you not just react to customer behavior but also anticipate it. From future-proofing your data strategy to real-time segmentation, we help set the stage for highly personalized engagements.

Our Approach

Pioneering the Science of Amazing Sitecore CDP Experiences

With deep expertise in Sitecore CDP management services, Icreon harnesses the capabilities of Sitecore to craft unique, personalized digital experiences.

Strategy and Consultation

Icreon's strategy for Sitecore Engagement Cloud implementations starts with two key pillars: an intricate understanding of the platform and a deep dive into your unique business challenges. The journey begins with an intensive consultation to grasp your objectives and potential pitfalls. Our approach is flexible and agile, tailored to meet the evolving demands of today's digital landscape. It's not just about technical finesse; it's about how Sitecore can solve your real-world business dilemmas. This dual focus sets us apart from competitors and ensures a seamless fit for your business in any context. With Icreon, you're not just implementing Sitecore; you're adopting a well-rounded, deeply considered strategy designed to unlock the platform’s full potential for your unique needs.

CDP Foundation Setup

Icreon, a Platinum Sitecore Partner, leverages Sitecore's advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP) to transform disparate data silos into coherent, actionable insights. We help businesses capture, unify, and activate omnichannel customer data for holistic experiences that maximize conversions and revenue. Our expertise extends to real-time data collection and intelligent data lakes, ensuring every click, search, and tap translates into actionable insights.


The right implementation makes all the difference, and that's where Icreon excels. We ensure that your Sitecore setup is not just functional but fully optimized to meet your unique business needs. From SCV and CRM to ESP, our specialized implementation integrates diverse data sources seamlessly. This, coupled with our ability to interpret both live and historical data, enables real-time, in-session personalization that enhances customer engagement.

Support and Maintenance

Maintaining a powerful platform like Sitecore requires continuous effort and expertise. Icreon provides ongoing support to ensure your digital transformation efforts don't lose steam. From real-time insights through Business Intelligence analytics to bespoke audience segmentation, our maintenance services keep your Sitecore platform agile, up-to-date, and fully aligned with your organizational goals.

Optimization & Continuous Improvement

With Icreon's Optimization & Continuous Improvement services, you're in for sustained growth. We help businesses harness every facet of Sitecore, refining strategies, improving performance, and ensuring you remain at the pinnacle of digital experience management.

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